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Recent posts by Riccardo Tacconi

I should configure the mail for Liferay in webapps/ROOT/WEB-INF/classes/portal-ext.properties

From a tutorial I copied the following properties:


I get this error:

10:51:15,929 ERROR [MailSessionFactoryBean:67] Unable to lookup mail/MailSession
javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Name mail is not bound in this Context

Since I am a java greenhorn... where can I find some info about configuring those parameters. I am using Tomcat.
12 years ago
I have Liferay running on Solaris. I had not the time to learn Liferay but I will start soon. There is a very poor documentation for Solaris installation and I think it is better to run Liferay alone without any other web application in the same server.
12 years ago
I think that is implicit that if you deploy on the JVM you need to use JRuby not Ruby.

I will use Tomcat 6. I am not sure if I will develop with Ruby or JRuby, and at the time of the deployment I could switch from a Ruby project to a JRuby one only by copying the files.
12 years ago
Thanks for your help guys. I will learn Liferay, is more Intranet ready and already has many features that I need.
12 years ago
Hi guys,

I should develop and intranet with Java. I am a PHP developer with decent background in Java (university) but not commercial experience. I am developing a custom intranet in PHP but I should start to provide some demo of an intranet made in Java to anohter company. I have very few time to dedicate to the Java intranet, so I need something simple.

I have found that Alfresco and Liferay are two really Open Source option. I know that Alfresco is an ECM and Lifreray is a portal system, but I am quite confused. I seems to me that Liferay is quite complete as an intranet, Alfresco seems more feature rich but it should be customized a lot.

I know that Alfresco an Liferay can be integrated but as I said I need a simple solution. The requirements for the intranet are:

1. Create sections and publish articles there (news, head office, vacancies, help, internal news, etc).
2. possibility to set up access control per section and/or per file.
3. Poll.
4. Display the share price of the company stock price.
5. Display in a div three clocks with the US, France and UK time.
6. a list of aout ten mail links to internal and external web sites.
7. Set up a go-live and expiring time for the articles.

I do not need complex features, just to display some articles. So:

1. What is the difference between ECM and portlet?
2. Is it better Alfresco or Liferay for the over mentioned requirements?

Thanks in advance, regards,

12 years ago
Hi guys, this is my first post! I read many posts in this forum but never registered, until today.
12 years ago