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Recent posts by Anurag Jai

There are editions for Spring in Actions book. Which edition(3rd edition or 4th edition). I am also a beginer and want to learn spring. So please suggest which version to prefer?
8 years ago
Hi All,

I have a total of 3.10 yrs of experience. I am working for a organisation, but for last 2 yrs I am not working in Java.
I want to work in Core Java as I have good hold of concepts. I am planning to give SCJP in coming months.

I have few queries.

1 Will certification help me at this much professional experiecne or it help freshers only.?
2 Can i find a suitable job in Core java after having 3.10 Yrs of experience in some other technology.

I am really passionate about working in Core Java.

Please help and reply. What should I do.
10 years ago
So If I learn Servlets JSP basics atleast, then I will be able to answer atleast some basic questions?...

Like Servlets life cycle/sessions etc....? I am desperately loking to hange ASAP....And i know only core java....A you suggested, the best way to learn Serlets is by doinh Hands on side by it ok?

And How much time it will take to learn atleast basics....
10 years ago
Thanks for reply.....So if I read servlets/JSP myself...Will that help me for future job switch...

By reading Servlets/JSP also I will get only theoritial knowledge...And how much time i need to study that..are they really tough...
10 years ago
I am only aware of Core Java. I want to learn Hibernate and then apply for job switch....I was aksing that will learning Hibernate help me to change the job because I will be only having thereotical knowledge and practical i hav not implemented anything in Hibernate......

And Can anyone please suggest me that in 1.5 months what more i can learn and try for job change .....
10 years ago
Thanks for reply...But At 3.9 yrs experience level in corporate world...Will Theoritical knowledge help me in future job switch....
10 years ago
As I am not having any working experience in Hibernate and I am planning to study Hibernate by myself only...So is it a good decision ?

Because I only know Core Java and no other just to boost up my resume should i study hibernate...
10 years ago
Thanks Bear....Will keep in mind next time...
10 years ago
Hi Java Ranchers,

May be this question sound very stupid but I want to know that "Is Hibernate used now a days". Actually I am planning to learn the Hibernate from my own-self.
But I am afraid that will it help me to get a job change. Actually I am 3.9 Yrs experience person and have knowledge of only Core Java. So just wanted to improve the scope of my leanings.

Is my decision correct to learn Hibernate.
10 years ago
I have generated client code for a 3rd party web service using the WSDL which they provided (I am unable to publish it here), using eclipse and Axis 1.4. This all seems to work ok (I have got services working in this
way before) but now when I try to call one of the web service methods - getAvailableIds() - I get and Axis Fault error:


faultCode: {}Server.userException
faultString: org.xml.sax.SAXException: Bad envelope tag: html
Followed by a long stack trace (my dev machine cannot be internet connected which is why I am not posting more of the stack trace)

Additionally, I do not have any implementation of the web service which I am calling. Instead I am using soapUI to simulate the web service (again generated from the WSDL).

I have debugged this as far as I can and I am stuck on the line (generated client code):

try{ java.lang.Object _resp = _call.invoke(new java.lang.Object[] {in});
If anyone has seen this before I would appreciate any help!

I have looked around quite a lot online and found some other posts with similar problems but none of these have helped:

SAXException: bad envelope tag - I am not using https or WebSphere App Server.

I have also looked at all of the first 15 google search results with the following search string:

AxisFault SAXException bad envelope tag html
11 years ago
Hi Varun....Congrats man for your success....
If you have soft copy of study material for OCJP6 then please mail me at
Please also provide some good links for preparation...
11 years ago
Hi Abhijeet...Thanks for the reply..But for a 3 yrs Experienced person(1.8 Yrs Java and 1.4 Yrs some other technology)...What level of questions can i expect in Core Java from interviewer.....From where to prepare...
Will this "1.4 Yrs in some other technology" in my current company affect me during my interview.....because in my current company during interview they told that you will get wok in java..but it didnt happened..They gave me work in some other technology....
11 years ago
I have arnd 2.8 yrs of corporate experience. I changed a company in Jan 2012....but here work is not in much java...In my previous company i was working in Java.
My 1 yr experience is not working in java...
I again want to switch the company ....I have very good Core Java hands on and knowledge...Can someone please help that what challenges i can face while changing company now...
11 years ago
Thanks All....Clearly Understood.
I am not able to find where is "Thread others Viewed".