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Recent posts by auggie rose

ohhh mister.... why do u wait for US to go and help. Are all your arab folks sleeping or are they not man enough to go and fight
ask them to stand up now for afghanistan and stop US. Can US do anything if they all get together and take a stand against US.
They are all rich countries. Ask them to send their men and money to help the afghans against US.
Well if they can't do this... then "its survival of the fittest"
this is nature's law...
the powerful has to have a say
whether in war or in making peace or giving aids....
19 years ago
did u all hear osama bin laden's speech yesterday....
it clearly shows that this man is behind all the attacks "a group of muslims has attacked us"
we do not need any more proof
kill this man.... america.. and kill all those who support him in the name of his religion.
he is using his religion to gather support....
and i am sure his god... is seeing all this... and will punish him suitably very soon
19 years ago
i respect Gandhi a lot.... but then even his non-violence policy could not stop the bloodshed in kashmire which started in 1947 and is still contining...
had he been stern and refused to divide india .... there would be peace in that part of the world...
we have lost so much blood in kashmir and god alone knows how long we will continue to lose
19 years ago
ask urself every one of u... how much u long to be in america.. to live in america...
ask urself why???/
there must be something in america that people from all over the world want to be there...
why don't you live in afghanistan ... why ???

this is america...... and america or anyone else cannot make every country happy.... for the simple reason that thye are jealous...
they are not what america is... and they can't tolerate it and give it the name of "holy war"
shame on u people who blame america and still want to go and live there
shame on u people who live in america but have ur loyalties with someon else
if so why do u live in america... go and live where ur loyalties are...
america supports u .. welcomes u and what does it get in return...
a bunch of people who live , eat and breathe in america and then think of destroying it..
same is the case with majority of muslims ( i am not saying all)... in india...
they live in india... they use all the facilities provided to them in india.. they breathe the indian air... but their loyalties lies with pakistan.....
i ask u one question.. why don't u go and live in pakistan as wellll
i am so pissed off ... i hate all of those who r pointing fingers at america... and especially at those who r living in america...
if u think america is wrong.. go back to where u came from and go and fight for palestine...
why should america send its flesh and blood to fight for u people
19 years ago
people here are talking about usa and its foreign policies... i refrened myself from talking for a long time.. but i could not resist for long.
tell me when there is problem anywhere in the world... we ask america to come and help .... why....
if there is really some problem in israel and palestine.. why are u blaming and asking america to come and help..
why can't all the arab and muslim countries go and fight in palestine...
u know why... because u guys have no heart...
america has reached out to people in times of need and has helped people..
it is a free country and super power... now if someobody is super power and it tries to interfere ... then i am sure one side is going to be unhappy.. america cannot please both sides always....
why does america have to come from all the way across atlantic.. and help the arabs in palestine.... what has happened to all those arabs and muslims sitting right next to palesting and seeing them die...
why don't u guys go and fight israel..
i am not an american... but i am all with america...
19 years ago