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Recent posts by Saravanan Mrajan

Thanks a lot Tim. i got it already. sorry to post it.
14 years ago
Need to tar a folder. excluding the pdf files in that folder.

I konw the tar but how to exclude the pdf files while creating tar.
14 years ago
awk '$1 != "" {print Action $1 lastuser}' out.txt

where Action = getting the attribute of the files in the $1 fields.

out.txt file contins the below:

But while executing this i am getting the error as

awk: cmd. line:1: (FILENAME=out.txt FNR=1) fatal: division by zero attempted

14 years ago

Stefan Wagner wrote:

Thanks. i wrote the script using awk. anyway i will try this code.

can you explain this a little?
14 years ago
if the input file contains

and the output would look like,

The first value is 454545
The second value is 090900
The third value is 343434

what is the shell script i can try?
14 years ago

Sagar Rohankar wrote:And again welcome


i want to calculate the time taken beteen a request (sent to the webserver) and response (from the webserver) in my struts application. what is the way i can go with?
14 years ago

Sagar Rohankar wrote:

Saravanan MahaRaj wrote:I just want to restrict entering characters in the form by writing code inside the formbean's validation method.

You mean the form field will accept only characters like, a to z, then I thinks its simple. A simple Regex or for loop for any characters other than alphabet can solve your problem.

Saravanan MahaRaj wrote: but it's not working exactly.

Please tell the details, what you have done and what you get and what you have expected ??

Thanks. Again I got it fixed.
15 years ago

Sagar Rohankar wrote:Happy to know that and I didn't try anything.

It's Ok. i just want to restrict entering characters in the form by writing code inside the formbean's validation method. but it's not working exactly. i am searching for it in the net. please let me know if you know.

15 years ago
I got the Solution.

Thank you very much For trying.
15 years ago
I have an Input.jsp which is validated using form bean's ActionErrors validate() method and the error messages are displayed fine.

The problem that i am facing is, after getting the error messages on the same page, the values i entered before got disappeared and the empty form is shown with the error messages.

How to keep the values on the form with the error messages?
15 years ago

David Newton wrote:Not the JSP.

This is jsp
15 years ago

David Newton wrote:Without more information it'll be difficult to help. How are you putting the bean into scope? How are you trying to access the bean?

Please UseCodeTags, and in the future, start a new thread rather than appending on to an old one.


i have given all my codes here. please help.


15 years ago

David Newton wrote:Add a getter for "eid".


public class SimpleActionForm extends ActionForm {

public String eid = null;

public void reset(ActionMapping mapping, HttpServletRequest request) {

this.eid = null;

public String getEid() {
return eid;

public void setEid(String eid) {
this.eid = eid;

this is my code, i have added a getter and setter, but still the problem.
15 years ago
When i run my jsp and struts application, i am getting the error as,

javax.servlet.jsp.JspException: Exception creating bean of class examples.simple.New under form name empCheck

what could be the reason?

15 years ago
hi i am also having the same problem,

No getter method for property: "eid" of bean: "examples.simple.SimpleActionForm"

please help to find the solution.

15 years ago