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Recent posts by vamsi acharya

Peter Johnson wrote:Some comments.

a) Did you boot your laptop with the Ubuntu Live CD before you installed it? It sounds like you didn't. Due to various weirdnesses with laptop hardware and Ubuntu incompatibilities the same, it really is worthwhile to test the Live CD first, and try several things with it.

b) Installing Ubuntu probably will not help with getting a RedHat certification, mainly because the package manager and other subtle differences make Ubuntu and RedHat administration somewhat different.

c) You probably would be better off install VirtualBox on your laptop and running a CentOS VM. But what are the specs of your laptop? Linux VMs run fine on my laptop, a 5-year old HP with an AMD dual core 1.8GHz proc and 4GB or RAM.

In my previous comment i mentioned i need centOS to practice for my certification exam, we used centOS for a Linux course as an alternative to RedHat at our school, i did use Live CD but even the text mode blacks out, I know virtual machine is a good option but am afraid i don't get the feel of using Linux through VMs !!
9 years ago

Guillaume Jourdan wrote:
What's your requirements?

I want to prepare for Redhat certification in long run, so i need centOS to practice.
9 years ago

Guillaume Jourdan wrote:Or like said Anayonkar, install a virtual machine, it dependeds your requirements...

I know i can do that but i don't think that is an alternative for full fledged installation of linux on the system and i faced the same problem while installing both Ubuntu and centOS, so i am taking it kinda seriously !!
9 years ago

Guillaume Jourdan wrote:When you install ubuntu with a recent PC, sometimes drivers are not compatible.

In my case, I bought a GeForce 6150 and I would install the last Ubuntu version (at the time : 10.04 LTS) on my PC.

When I started my PC, I had a white screen.

So, I have dl linux drivers on, boot my PC into console command line instead of X and install the driver (I don't really remember the command that I used, but by google I find the command : jockey-text, ref : how-can-i-reconfigure-the-nvidia-proprietary-drivers-from-the-command-line

What graphical card do you use?

I use Graphic card integrated into the Intel Chipset, my laptop is somewhat old, My question is how to get to the console without installing linux ??
9 years ago

Guillaume Jourdan wrote:I don't know if you have the same problem, but I've had a similar problem a few years ago with an old ubuntu version.

It was my graphics card drivers that were not updated.

I download the updated drivers on the graphics card website and install it directly in command line.

what does drivers have to do with the installation ??, i can barely see the installation screen, this is a nightmare for me !!
9 years ago
Vamshi Sriperambudur
CELL PHONE: 703-853-7187

[At user’s request: the resumé previously posted is out of date.]

Please do contact me at or 703-853-7187, if you have any opportunity, Thank you !!
9 years ago
Hello guys, i have a problem installing Ubuntu 12.04 on my laptop, initially i tried to install ubuntu from windows using wubi and when i restarted the system and selected ubuntu i just saw a blank screen, so i installed iso file and prepared a USB for installation, now when i tried to boot from the USB to install Ubuntu i get a dark screen where i could hardly see the installation window, i tried googling for answers and many suggested to press f6 and change the option to 'nomodeset' but when i tried the same it would do nothing but give a long old beep, then i tried installing centos 6 and the same problem persists, i guess there is some compatibility problems with the newer versions of Linux, please help i am a bit exasperated, any help will be appreciated, Thanks !!
9 years ago

Peter Johnson wrote:Sounds like you downloaded the wrong package. Make sure you get the packaged named "Eclipse IDE for Java EE Developers" (it's the EE that is important!)

Yes, you are right, Thanks !!
Hello folks, i have installed the latest Eclipse called Juno. Now i want to start a new Tomcat Server from it but i couldn't find the option, please help, Thanks!!
I don't have a XAMPP , i installed each of them separately !!
10 years ago
Thanks mate , i was using fully qualified location to compile my file , now i change my path to /bin directory and it works !!
10 years ago
Hey guys , Am kind of noob when it comes to server-side scripting , i have downloaded and installed PHP,apache and Mysql and am following w3schools for my tutorial on php , now i want to know how to deploy a php application in the apache server , i tried googling it and felt kinda complicated , A brief explanation on how to begin with is appreciated , thank you !!
10 years ago

Michael Dunn wrote:google not working?

I tried , but i couldn't understand how i get to run my code both by using IDE and the console !!
10 years ago
Hey guys , I've downloaded jdk1.6 with NetBeans and installed them , When using IDE i can compile the code fine , when i want to check the code by the traditional method using the console it says 'javac' is unrecognized command , i don't understand and also in windows 'Environment variables' you can see both 'PATH' and 'CLASSPATH' , what is the difference between them ?? And can we set multiple paths ?? If so where does the compiler look for classes ? Please help me out guys , Thank you !!
10 years ago

Maneesh Godbole wrote:

vamsi acharya wrote:
No problem hope anyone else can answer me that , can you please illustrate me how to enter path in main arguments in conventional way ??

By "conventional" I take it you mean the command line. For that you need to run your application like java MyApp /path/to/file

Now i get it , thanks mate !!
10 years ago