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Jyoti Vaskar

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Recent posts by Jyoti Vaskar


I'm downloading 1 software which requires more than a 15 GB space.

I wonder if power failure occurs in between or pc shuts down all the software downloaded before will be lost
& I've to start again!!!

I'd be pleased if anybody will tell me the way to prevent this?

8 years ago
Hi all,

I am trying to implement the jasper report at very first time.
We use edit plus for our application.
Can anybody please help me out in guiding me for the same?

9 years ago
Hi all,

I'm working with a jsp which is the view for a picker in which only one coloumn is getting displayed.
I need a horizontal scroll bar in this picker for the only part in the picker which is highlighed in red in the following code.

Please help me guys as I've tried my best & still strugggling to do it.

I need help in modifying my application.
Currently in my application there is a link on which windows opens up even if the window is already open on the same link.
Its on the link.

I want the functionality as it should not open the window if the window is already open.
How to do this in javascript?

I am facing a problem in js file.
after giving alert statement in js file its not working...
what would be the prob.
please help.

Sandeep Awasthi wrote:Many companies are already hiring. My guess is after march companies will start hiring more aggressively. This may be the reason they are asking bond. My advice is not work on such a low salary. But it depends on your priorities. If you have B.E./BTech qualification, you can look for other options.

Hi Sandeep! hru?
I'm still following your tips.

I'm a BE but I guess in this company I'm getting to learn on struts,hibernate,spring & various(all) web services. Lots of learning opportunities are here as clients are many & its a small company as well.
So I thik I'd join it & after 1 yr I can move to a good opportunity with good a package.

What do you think?
10 years ago
thank you guys.

I do have a 1.5 yrs exp in java & recently a big 1.5 yrs of gap as well.
Hence after such a long gap & struggle I got this offer.
Even though my last sal was 13K I agreed on this agreement as I want more exp on Java as well in struts/spring/hibernate/webservers.
Hence I decided to join & hope after an year when agreement gets over I'll be in a status to get a considerable amt of salary & a higher position as well.

thanks for your co-operation Sagar & Vinod .
You gave me some confidence as well.
10 years ago

Sagar Rohankar wrote:If you're fresher and desperate about a job, then go ahead. If you have experience, then choice is yours, you decide, because MNC started hiring now a days.

actually I just wanted to know is there any harm in joining such kind of companies as it can be fraud.
10 years ago

Sagar Rohankar wrote:Whats the pay and technology they are offering ? What are the current projects they have, any known client ?

pay is 1.8Lpa & its on java/j2ee.
on its website they have shown lots of clients like HDFC bank, Whirlpool, Birls sun life insurance,Reliance capital,unitech,asian paints,cadbury,sony tv etc
They have mentioned their products as eHR, travel & expenses,CRM.
Its a company from 1996.
10 years ago
Hi all.

I have got an offer from a product company at Mumbai as a software engineer.
It's having a bond of 1 yr which if is broken have to pay 1,00,000 INR.

I don't know much about this company.
But its not a big company.
It has almost 40 employees working & have only 1 branch at Mumbai.

I'm confused now weather to join this company.
Shall I believe the company & join it?
10 years ago

Sagar Rohankar wrote:So what you decided then ?

I decided to join it as a product company .
but still confused as it has a bond of 1 yr
10 years ago

Sagar Rohankar wrote:This similar discussion might help:

Thank you Sagar.
This link has a fantastic discussion & helped me in taking the right decision as I was confused in, weather to join the product company or not .
10 years ago
What are the advantages & disadvantages of joining product company over service company as a software engineer??
10 years ago

David Newton wrote:(like Spring's startup listener, or Hibernate's open-session-in-view filter)
I gave two examples; how many would you like?

Yesterday I searched for it & got two examples of listeners ie.
1) Creating a database connection before application starts & closing before it stops.
2) Counting the application startups.

& of filter is
modifying the request parameters before sending it to server.
changing the response before sending it to view etc.

And I got some idea.

Actually from your answer I couldnt even understand what is open-session-in-view & hence couldnt even be able to know that these are examples which you have given??
Hence I'd asked for examples again bymistake :confused:.

Anyways thanks for your co-operation David.
thank you guys.

Next time I'll beware of asking the question to get clarified:-).
10 years ago