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Recent posts by maizar samman

Thank you Ulf and Ivan
Ivan, I have already seen your study notes it is really a great job I tried to start with it but cause I have no idea about web services I think it is better to start reading a book that explains in more details then I will come back to the study notes when I have good idea about web services.
I have just placed my order for J2EE Web Services: XML SOAP WSDL UDDI WS-I JAX-RPC JAXR SAAJ JAXP book will start with it
Hello All,
I am planing to give the SCJDWS 5 exam but noticed that all books in the market have been written for JEE 4 is it okay to start by reading these old books then upgrade to the new version?
are there significant changes between the two versions of the exam or just small changes?

your help of answering this question is really appreciated
Thanks all for the valuable replies
just one question I will really appreciate it if somebody can answer it for me
on the "Product Description" of the SCEA step 1 page they say "This exam is designed for candidates with experience in the following areas (typically 5 or more years....." does this mean that System Arcitect usually have at least 5 years of experience?
Thanks Jothis,
so ideally how many years of experience do I need to move into the System Arcitect field?
I got SCJP 6 and SCWCD 5 and will get the SCBCD 5 soon. these certificates have added so much to my knowledge and they gave me the curiosity to explore SCEA.
However, I think that after dedicating alot of effort and time to get the SCEA I must get something out of it. if it wont give me a good transition now I better postpone it to the right time
Okay seems like I post it in the wrong place sorry for that this post should go to SCEA not SCJA section
I don't know how to move it there
Hi All,
do you guys think it is worth to become SCEA with only 2 years of experience?
do companies hire Java Enterprise Arcitects based on this certificate?

please give me your thoughts
Thanks for you all
yea John I think using it when using cascade makes sense a bit .. only a bit
but I think there must be a deeper meaning for it otherwise they won't make it a mandatory element (isn't it mandatory in the bidirectional relationship?!)
Thanks John,
I read this thread before but actually I didn't find the answer to why knowing the owner side is helpful to the Entity Manager
now, I know how to use @mappedBy in the relationships but dont know why it exists at the first place
Hi All,
Can anybody tell me the idea of ownering in the bidirectional relationships?
Why the Entity Manager needs to know the owner side of the relationship?
your help is appreciated