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Yes, I completely agree with the earlier post. even we did similar thing through batch updates. the performance is good and since it is plain java code, development exception handling, fall back are all easy to code
hi all,
i need a regular expression to validate a text field which allows alphabets,numerals and special characters(@,&, . , _, space, -) . can anyone help please
"even when there is just one row record, I get the delay".

it does not matter how many records the grid has unless it is really a huge result set. the time taken for loading records actually depends on the dojo widget getting loaded.
we are not using dojo.require for the grid alone but for the entire project. download all the dojo files and install in your project directory(sure you would have done that) and call them locally using the include js tags.
I understood the problem. same thing happened in our project too. actually what happens with dojo is that there is delay in loading dojo widgets when compared to the default dom objects. when the page loads your dom elements will be loaded before dojo widgets are loaded. hence sometimes you will get the blank screen. there is no clear defined way to solve this. but we did a work around by using all the dojo related js files in the normal script tag at the body level. dont use the script tag at the header level.

do you get the grid after you refresh the page? which is the browser you are using?

liliya woland wrote:Hello, I'm hoping someone who know dojo grids could help me with the following dojo EnhancedGrid trouble.
I created a grid that has no issues loading data locally or otherwise on my dev machine. My machine has several processors and lots of memory. The grid uses a small array of test data, under 10 records. For coworkers with ordinary, non-dev computers, the grid does not load consistently - sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't, no errors as much as I know. I implemented a simple timer to test data availability before grid gets created. I can not repro grid load inconsistency on my machine. I wonder if there is anything made specifically for dojo grid for catching slugging data access. Any help will be much appreciated.


exactly what is happening. do you get blank screen? dojo is little bit heavy on the browser. i am not sure whether processor has anything to do with it. it depends on how you have included the js required for the grid. we faced similar problem in our project. we resolved it by including the dojo js files in the normal script tag and not by using the dojo.require.
try this once.
I know dojo and jquery. i wanted to learn yui (coz client wants to use it). i went through yui official website. i tried few examples also. but i really felt yui is very complicated when compared to dojo or jquery. it does lot of fuss even for little things.can anyone kindly guide me any reference or any pdf where i can learn yui from scratch.
Someone asked me this question. What is the difference between the byte code generated for Generics and Legacy collections. i really think from the byte code perspective there is no diff. please give me information about this.
7 years ago
even if drag and and drop is not possible at least i want to know a step by step procedure to create a dynamic report in web application(which is not a hard coded design). i.e.. the web application should be able to create a design based on the user input
Hi some time back i posted in java ranch asking how to integrate the birt. i got a good reply from a gentle man. Now i want to incorporate the report engine functionality in web application. if you use eclipse birt all in one package you can drag and drop and create your layouts. i want to use this functionality in JSP. At least be able to call the api of birt and use it. this is very critical for me and any help would be deeply appreciated.
I need one more help from you.
i developed the rich text editor. now i need to save the text in the same format as it was in the editor. for this normally some text or some html tags will be appended to the text and will be saved. i saw the same thing in your application also. i even downloaded the source code and went through it. but when i tried to analyse it , my editor rendered it in one packed format. so i was not able to fully understand it. can you please give me the code that is appended with the text to recognize whether it is bold italic and so on. i need to insert it in this format for further processing.
Thanks a lot for the reply and the time you have taken to help me out. It really helped me.