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I am preparing for Web service exam .kindly suggest me a book that will help me in scoring from Oracle sun

Brijesh Patel
9 years ago
Can any one tell me what should I do next since I have completed studying HF'S ,I require some practice but do not have internet connection at home..can any one provided mock question file that i can practice at home..if possible


I have class with name Person consisting three class instance variable name,state and age and its setter getter methods.
and I have ArrayList of size three in which values are data[0]="jag", data[1]="Maharashtra" and data[2]="35";
Is there any way that I can set these values( using setter method) while iterating through list,without using method setAll(String,String,String) like setAll(data[0],data[1],data[2]).
I dont want hardcode like

for (int i=0;i<Data.size();i++){
if(i==0) p.setName(Data[0];
if(i==1) p.setName(Data[1];
if(i==2) p.setName(Data[2];

(consider an array size of 100 practicaly.)

If Any can Answer please.
11 years ago

rachna jain wrote:Hi Everyone

I am planing to take exam this coming weekend

Can anyone tell me whats the duration for exam as afater booking online its showing 3 hours .

I also want to know number of questions come in the exam.

I would appreciate if someone can provide this info.


you can go on site your all Queries will be solved.

Poonam Kohli wrote:

Patel Brijesh wrote:

riyas nedumpurath wrote:Why dont you try places like ebay??

I will surely go for this..


I completely understand your limitation to spend money... Not sure where you live.. If you are in USA, then go to and do a search of that book. Used books are available for $8.49 + $3.99 shipping. which brings you a book for about $13

I have bought used books from Amazon's sellers in the past and am satisfied.

Good luck with your exam preparations.

Thanks for your help,But I live in Mumbai and right now i am using friends book for one week .Hope I find one that can be used till exam as I am not able to focus continuously on book which is for a week only.

Avinash Mr wrote:just cleared SCWCD in 88%

once agian my ultimate weapon is Head first Servlets and JSP and my fav JavaRanch

all the glory goes my best java friends Head first series and this forum

All my friends are asking me secret to get succeed in java in first attempt in high scores..they don't know it is Java Ranch forum

all hail to great ppl who made this forum and authors of head first WCD book you guys just made my life

11 years ago

Khor Yong Hao wrote:WOW, fantastic, I cleared SCWCD 5 with 100%...

How I get it, the book from bridgewater.. then later used Head First Servlet & JSP (this is very excellent), and a lot of free mock exam. There is many and many free mock exam online also help me a lot.
And practice with the exercise given, the coding tested in ecllipse.. and... will be very easy in the exam. 30 min already complete, 15 min for checking answer...

congratulation for your 100% in Exam,
Please do let me know the links you looked for your practice so that even I can get it.
My exam in on sept 16-SCJWD
11 years ago

riyas nedumpurath wrote:Why dont you try places like ebay??

I will surely go for this..


Christophe Verré wrote:What are you asking ? Can't you buy the book ?

I already have many books but I dont have this one so I need a book on so called " rent " if possible.
I cannot afford to buy new one since there are many books which I have in my book case.

Chinmaya Chowdary wrote:Thankyou.

your application must be using custom cookie class which set cookie in response ,if yes then set MaxinActivetime to -1 this will cause cookie to expire on window close.
Can any tell me Where can I get HFSJP to study for exam and that to I can returned it with a fee .since I have other books related to it but for wxam i need only HFSJP.

Please help ..

Poonam Dhillon wrote:

Patel Brijesh wrote:Q1: An attribute wants to know when it has been moved from one session to another vm?

HttpSessionActivationListener, HttpSessionEvent, Attribute

Patel Brijesh wrote:Q2:An attribute wants to know when it has been replaced in a session.?

HttpSessionBindingListener, HttpSessionBindingEvent, Attribute

Patel Brijesh wrote:Q3: when you want to be notified when anything is bound to session ??

HttpSessionAttributeListener, HttpSessionBindingEvent, Some other class

No question is bad.. However, spoon feeding is bad.. You could have read this in any book. Thanks for letting me practice with Listeners. I hope my answers are correct here.

are you sure about these answer to be correct or your answer after this connversation ie . in second conversation is correct. it seems that your first conversation's answers are correct .. do let me know.. I have read same book but not able to work on common sense as it cannot be used for answer important in exam ,better to be clear about answer rather than depending on Guesses.


Nabila Mohammad wrote:Q2:An attribute wants to know when it has been replaced in a session.?
HttpSessionAttributeListener, HttpSessionBindingEvent,

Q3 when you want to be notified when anything is bound to session ??
HttpSessionBindingListener, HttpSessionBindingEvent,

For Q2 HttpSessionListnener implementing class will not be Attribute class
For Q3 HttpSessionBindingListener will be implemented by Attribute class so how would we know?

Thanks, for your help....
will allways looking forward for your and javaRanch memeber's help in Difficult situation.

Chinmaya Chowdary wrote:Hi, I requested a constrained resource, and I used BASIC authentication method. The browser asked username and password. I provided valid ones. The authentication passed, and I got the constrained resource using browser(firefox).

I set setMaxInactiveInterval(100) to my session in jsp(which is a constrained resource), and after 100 seconds the session will be invalidated. Later, I send a request to the constrained resource. At this time the container is not doing authentication, it simply returns the constrained resource(the previous one). Why the container is not doing authentication?

Later I deleted authenticated session's in my firefox. After that, I made a request to constrained resource, at this time the container asks for authentication. Why the container is asking for authentication, after deleting authenticated sessions in firefox? It seems that session object in my jsp and authentication sessions in firefox are different. What are they actually? Is there any method to invalidate authenticated sessions in my jsp? I search through google, search through java documentation not find suitable answer. I noticed that the HttpSession object is different from authentication session. Please explain me or provide any link for this topic. Thankyou.

kindly check cookie maxAge() that comes into picture when session is not alive and set it to min time.

hope this helps..
can any one help me to answer which the listener is/are used and event object used for this situation.and which of the class will implement it ie attribute or other class
An attribute wants to know when it has been moved from one session to another vm?
Q2:An attribute wants to know when it has been replaced in a session.?
Q3: when you want to be notified when anything is bound to session ??

can any one tell me the answer please.......