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Recent posts by buntha Choudhary

Now everything as expected is working fine.. but I realized a thing while working on the same ..
Actually when the JTable window opens and if I click directly on the JLabel (image) based Column , then the image is gone for a while and the table returns the selected row as -1.
One more point is that the Row selection as well restricted to the previous column.

Precisely , If my Table has 4 column and Image(JLabel) is on the column number 4th, then if I directly click on the image or column 4th , then the row selection happens till the 3rd column and it returns the row selection as -1.
But If I select any other column, the everything is proper and works fine.

I am still using the same logic what I mentioned previously. What is the mistake I am committing.
10 years ago

Solution I got by this way -

10 years ago

I tried to change the code as suggested by you ..
So I added rendererLabel.setBackground(Color.BLUE); inside renderer getter method but I am not getting the expected.
On looking over the source code-

setBackground was the method need to be changed or I am somewhere wrong.
Please suggest.

10 years ago
This is my code snippet-

10 years ago
@Rob Spoor
Thanks for the input but is there no way to make the look identical for the entire row like SWT wizard where entire row shows highlighted blue color.
10 years ago
I am adding an Image in JTable

through the above logic but when I try to select the row it is not selecting this particular column.

For example My table has 4 Columns and the image is being set in Column 4th.
Then on selecting any Row , default 3 columns are getting selected or highlighted and the 4th Column is not getting highlighted.

10 years ago
I have a JTable with Column 1 as a JComboBox Editor.
Now when I am using that, for column 1 each column is taking same set of ComboBox Items. But I want each column to take different items for ComboBox.
I am using
10 years ago
As we can call any static method by just naming the class and the method name as

class : ABHISHEK
method : method()

Does the above piece of code is creating any instance of the class ABHISHEK internally ?
10 years ago

Rob Spoor wrote:Hanging? That's new for me. I know that the existing user interface usually doesn't get repainted when changing the look&feel, but this can be solved by using SwingUtilities.updateComponentTreeUI().

Can you show us how you change the look&feel? Perhaps you have an infinite loop somewhere.

Rob, actually it is not hanging. The frame1 gets blurred as soon as I click for Frame2(repainting issue).
As per you suggestion, I will work on it and update.
10 years ago
I am having a Frame named Frame1 and I am setting a look and feel L&F1.
Now in frame1, on clicking to a menu event and new Frame named Frame2 opens and there I set a look and feel L&F2.
Now I found that this kind of scenario is breaking the Frame1 and entire Frame1 gets hang
How to resolve this scenario.
10 years ago
deriveFont is the responsible method to achieve
10 years ago
I am loading a font from a .ttf file but the size is coming very small ie 1.
How to set that to a larger size

10 years ago

andrew cassato wrote:

Maneesh Godbole wrote:No. What you have there is a static method
What you need to do is obtain an instance of the Judging class and then invoke the setScores on it.

Judging judge=new Judging();

Just remember, whenever you invoke setScores() you would want to invoke it on the same instance. So it the judge should be stored as a class variable in your JudgingGUI

this is obviously not that clear to me, I'm not 100% sure where to put
Judging judge=new Judging();
I tried a couple places but i get an error "cannot find symbol - variable judge" in the same place where i was getting errors before

Sample -

10 years ago

andrew cassato wrote:so you are saying it would need to be something like


Then you will have to make your method static in the class. You can try the same by creating any instance of the Judging class and use that
10 years ago
Can anyone suggest me any way to uninstall a plug-in perfectly through programming not via eclipse.