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N.Senthil Kumar

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Recent posts by N.Senthil Kumar


is there any possibility to write a query inside Like.

say for eg:

show tables like '%delete from TableA%';

thanks in advance
May i know the Difference between ConnectException and Connection Time Out Exception.

thanks in advance
7 years ago
In Database.

I need to find that without specifying the column names of the table.

Say , i have 100 Records.

I have a string "Senthil".

Need a query to find that on which rows and which column , the text "Senthil" is present from that 1000 Records.

Thanks in Advance

I really cant find what i did wrong with this.

the response xml String is like this.

and in Javascript :

from xmlDoc i tried to parse the xml,

Say for eg : alert(xmlDoc.getElementsByTagName("Response").length); returns 0.

please help me to parse this response XML String in Javascript.

thanks in advance.

We have a annotation @Deprecated.

if i use this annotation @Deprecated before a method, the compiler will throw the following warning

Note: uses or overrides a deprecated API.
Note: Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details.

the code of is

May I know, where will be the deprecation error message is configured and how it is getting display ?

7 years ago
is any there any possibilities ,if more Break statements used in an Java Application which is running in a web server , may cause the server to crash.

7 years ago
Hi Friends,

break is used to end the execution of loop and continue is to skip the current iteration of the loop.

May i know the disadvantages of break and continue statements. And in which situation i have to avoid these statements.
7 years ago
Hi Raj,

Why don't you use Set instead of List, if you don't need duplicates
7 years ago
thanks peter.let me take a look on the code.
8 years ago

Peter Taucher wrote:I don't think that this can be achieved in an easy way. For this reason (ok, at least it was part of it ; - ) I implemented my own extended Properties class (that remembers the order of keys like they occur in the properties file) sometime ago.

So do you need the specific order from the properties file or could you just sort the keys in some way, to achieve your goal?

Thanks for your reply , friends..

I need to get the Keys in specific order from the Properties file.

8 years ago

I have a Property file.

Need to get All the Keys in that File.

I have took all keys using properties.keySet();

But i need the keys in same order which i have entered.


the Output comes as Key2 Key3 Key1. I know Set is unordered. How to get Ordered.

Thanks in advance
8 years ago

Will Catch Exception.
8 years ago

Say for example,

i am closing a InputStream Object, the Compiler says Handle IOException.

May I know which is best and why..
whether to catch Exception or IOException .

That is Specific Exception or General Base Exception.

8 years ago
thanks for your reply..

if i got the error notifications in right annotation of eclipse is better..