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Recent posts by Palash Nandi

Jeff Verdegan wrote:
Ick. No.

Jeff Verdegan wrote:
The main problem at the moment is that the OP is confusing a numerical value stored in a double with how it gets displayed.

9 years ago

Davidson Hosannah wrote:@Win
I ask Pardon for my Mistake

No Probs...
9 years ago
congratulations Mushraf!!
My last post, just made me a Ranch Hand!! what next ?
9 years ago

s ravi chandran wrote:hi,
I don't want to work on Java Web Development, as it doesn't look that exciting to me as java middleware technologies.

I agree. There are many middleware companies who extensively use Java for their products. You can try them. Many have offices in India, including leaders like Tibco and Webmethods
9 years ago
Henry, Jimmy and Jeanne, Thanks for the explanation. getting the big picture now..
9 years ago
As far as i know, open source in the strict sense will refer to the GPL license, where you create content/knowledge (it has to be something that can be defined, like text or model diagrams..) and then publish it.
Other people can get the knowledge , have the right to modify it but have to publish it again for the benefit or the community. Once you have a large community and some one to manage this process, you can develop
large complicated projects..

You can check this out .. OScar_(open_source_car)
9 years ago

Henry Wong wrote:

No short cuts. Whether you come from the technical track, or the project management track, an "architect" is about experience -- and confidence with it. Without it, getting through the interview process will be hard. And staying in the job, if you get lucky and get it without the qualifications, will be very very hard. My best recommendation is that if you feel that you need a skill, then learn it -- and don't beat yourself over it if you just use it for one project.

Yes, I agree. But that still doesn't answer my question.

How do you get experience ? Just by going to office for 10 -12 years you cant get experience. Every project of 10 have some 2 people working it really hard , 2 people just lagging behind and other 6 taking it easy and doing their stuff right ? After 10 years all of them will have same experience, does that mean they have same capability, that doesn't sound fair.

By experience do you mean, exposure to multiple types of projects, or multiple different companies and work culture ? Still very confused...

9 years ago
:O at 0:48 you can see the little animals struggling inside the fur coat.
9 years ago

Aravind Prasad wrote: i cannot save this in the database.

Regarding this statement. Regardless of what which object you use in Java, the Database which you are using will have its own limitations of saving integer, and how long it can be.

If it is not sufficiently long enough, you can also save it as a varchar/string in the DB since these objects will give you an accurate string representation vice versa.
9 years ago
Hi jenifer,
There is no fixed rule regarding what you need to use. It all depends on how you validate the userid and password. Since you are new to jsp , I would suggest you not to use struts as it will make it unnecessarily complex. You can use simple jsp or Java classes for validation.

Some basic guidelines:
1. Use a basic html page for userid and password and put it in a <form> tag. let the action of the form tag point to a validate.jsp( the name can be anything ) file.
2. inside the validate.jsp , you can retrieve the previous useris/password using "request.getParameter('userName')" and password similarly.
3. Then you can pass this to a java method in your java class where you can write the logic for validating it. You can simpley hardcode the logic or if you haave a database , retrieve the data from there and validate.
4. According to the returned value you can do a simple out.println("success") or failure on the jsp.

Once you get this running, you can go on and make it more complex. Since you are new, i would not advise you to start with struts with packages as they do a lot of things for you. Which may look good in the start, but once you get stuck, it will be a nightmare.

So best of luck!!
9 years ago
I do not think this is the right place to paste code.

But if you want to generate Excel sheets using Java you can use POI api. for more details please check
This is in case the html pages are to be generated dynamically. But if it is static data, you can simply write the Excel sheet with 4 sheets and place it on the server.
9 years ago
Hi Bala,
Can you elaborate a bit ? Are you talking about a swings application or Web Application. But in either case, I guess the approach would be to pass the entire Multi Selection options and then remove the ones which are selected.
9 years ago
Hi yuvaraj,
What kind of object is BaseInfoObj, does it have other references inside it, because as as shown by the previous statements its reference cannot be null. I think the method BaseInfoObj.getType() in internally calling some method of another internal reference object inside BaseInfoObj which is null.
Hi Guys, Can you tell me your portrait of a ideal architect. What skills do you look for in an architect. I am asking because, I want to get there in a few years and so i would like to try and learn those skills and i don't think, those skills are gonna magically come.

So any pointers , really appreciated.
9 years ago