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Recent posts by Collin Dugas

Yes, I am going to be a developer there.

Also, in the second option I am not going to be a full fledged tester but working on the development side of testing. I mean I will be working on automating the test cases and working on creating and improving the test frameworks.

If you do not mind I would like to get some more insight from you (or any of us here) on the below points.

1. Would having a relatively unknown company on the resume be a negative? I'm sure that the second will be a big +ve since they are considered very tough to get into, almost on par with google (at least considered like this in India). How big of a factor is this?
2. I'd be missing out on the chance of moving abroad to UK, US or Canada. I'd like to travel the world as much as I can.

Again, I thank you for the taking the time to respond.
12 years ago
I am a lurker here since a four five years and I am in need of some advice. I have 5 years of exp in Java dev at a couple of big companies. I need to select between the following two options
1. Smallish startup in Bangalore that is doing reasonably well. They have <50 ppl on the the tech side. They are offering around 15 lakhs with a 20% variable pay included in it.
2. Software Development Engineer in Test at one of the biggest and well known e-comm companies globally, Chennai. I would be working on test frameworks and automating test cases. The pay is almost 20 lakhs I've experessed my concern of wanting to work on dev and not QA. The HR has told me that I can move into a SDE role after a year and relocate to any [DELETE] office after 18 months.

I personally want to take up the first option since I'd get out of Chennai and working for a startup will be more fulfilling. I don't really enjoy testing and would be stuck in Chennai, but working at 2 would improve my profile and could get me a chance to get to SV in a couple of years.

I know that it is ultimately me that has to make a call based on my priorities but I am finding it very difficult and some perspective could help.

12 years ago

Henry Wong wrote:

To be fair, this is told from one point of view -- and even then, nothing jumps out as really that bad.

Cloneable or new constructor, Comparable or not, RMIException for non-RMI, List vs Set, are not only minor; and in some cases even arguable. Architecture, design, etc. is at a level much higher than these -- which seems just like details that can be debated at the code review.

Furthermore, it is actually very good considering that the lead is new to Java.


What kind of mission critical projects get assigned to a team where no one knows Java?
A lead developer does not know if there lists allow duplicates or not? Thats basic CS 101..
IMO a good design does not depend on the designer having prior experience or not and the above debates seem to indicate he does'nt..
If the response to your questioning is "well, in my experience its always worked to...," then I can say the place is not open to free debate..

I'd still stand by my advice but thats just me.. YMMV..
13 years ago
um, I'd say find a better place to work at.

You have a team of developers working on Java for first time for a critical project where bugs could hurt or KILL people? Either you're bluffing or the place has got some serious issues.

The place doesn't sound fun at all

People here get pretty worked up on language so I'd only say run from there man.

PS : How I hate seeing folks fighting over variable and method names.
13 years ago
@Janeice : No, there is only version 4. But the reason I recommended this book is that it more about introduction to programming and not a specific language.
The preface says
"this book is not about Java, and it is only partly about programming. If it is successful, this book is about a way of thinking. Computer scientists have an approach to problem-solving, and a way of crafting solutions, that is unique, versatile and powerful."
13 years ago

Am a web developer and interested in developing smart phone applications.

I would like to know how steep is the learning curve for developing on android vs something for iphone.

I know Python/Java/HML/CSS/JS/XML.

One more questions, is it true that a greater percentage of people on iphone are likely to try/buy your app rather that on android ?

I know, that these questions are more of platform benefit rather than specific android questions.

Would be great if I can get some insight on this.

13 years ago
I am not the most qualified person to answer your questions as I am still at my job.

Sure, Java can help you.

But , I think that is irrelevant. What is relevant is if you can identify a problem you'd like to solve and can find a solution to do it, you can be one.

I recommend hanging out at forums where that startups are the main focus, talk to people who have done it and read books.

I cannot overstate the importance of talking to entrepreneurs and reading books.

Example :
13 years ago
What about monetizing the jobs offered forum? I am sure with the popularity and the page hits that we receive there will be a good enough market for it.

This will add credibility to the postings as well.
13 years ago

David O'Meara wrote:Luckily no one got to him first to say "Java is slow!"

He is a very experienced programmer. I'm sure he must have known it
Interesting he used Lightweight Java Game Library which is not as bad as Spring or hibernate.
13 years ago
+1. I would like to know the reasons as well.

Note : Have removed it but will add once this thread reaches a conclusion
13 years ago

David O'Meara wrote:The FAQs are a wiki - you can add the information yourself!

13 years ago
I suggest adding "How to Think Like a Computer Scientist" java version ebook to the free learning resources. I found it to be very good.
13 years ago

Personally, the best part of it for me is that it was written in Java.

One positive event after hearing endless bashing of java almost everywhere.

13 years ago

David Newton wrote:

Collin Dugas wrote:Am not sure of the negative effect though, cos stackoverflow, reddit , digg , HN have been doing it and seems to work well there.

Reddit and Digg are great examples of vote gaming and abuse--I don't really think those are strong arguments for voting. Stack Overflow is more heavily moderated than either Reddit or Digg.

Sure, but the coderanch audience seems to be more sane. Maybe the only way is to try it out for some time as a beta feature.

Not here to nitpick though. Just offering suggestions as it is one of my dear sites.
13 years ago