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Recent posts by Kent Chan

Got it! Thanks!

David Newton wrote:No, I said that I keep the functionality I'm testing as isolated as possible, and that when I'm developing I run only a small number of tests--relating only to what I'm working on at the moment. I might run the full suite only occasionally, or rely on the CI server to run the full suite.

I know that 'Inside The Java Virtual Machine' is a wonderful book, but it's too old. 9 years have past since its publication.

So, which book should I go to now?
9 years ago
Sounds Cool.

Another question, you said you only maintained a small set of test cases. Wouldn't that lead to poor coverage?
It's said that functional test cases are time-consuming to write and very fragile to react to new features on the web pages.

1. How much time do you spend on writing and mainting these test cases ?
2. Do you feel frustraited if you have to change the test cases a lot ?
That sounds pretty cool.

I'll do some investigation to see if I can integrate TestNG with JUnit.

Besides, what you said about Test NG's ability to "even create integration or acceptance tests" also interested me. I'm actually looking for something like this. Thanks!
9 years ago
As we know, automatic test suites can help us a lot if we adopt XP.

There are two kindes of test suites, one is unit test suite written by programmer, the other is system test suite written by system testers.

Unit test suite can be implemented by JUnit easily, but how about system test suite? I'm looking forward to your answer.
Can I use TestNG to run Junit tests?

I know nothing about TestNG. So this could be a stupid question.

Marco Ehrentreich wrote:Hi Kent,

sorry, I don't know if it is possible with JUnit, but if you need "real" multithreading in tests TestNG offers easy to use support and it is very similar to JUnit tests.


9 years ago
Thank you, Martijn.

Yes, I did. And there seems to be nothing about what I want.

Martijn Verburg wrote:Hi Kent and welcome to Javaranch, have you looked at forking the process to run JUnit?

9 years ago

I've got so many junt test cases in the suite that it takes me too much time to have a run using ANT.

I'm wondering whether I can make this running in a multi-thread manner so that I can save time.

Can anybody please help?
9 years ago