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Attempting to acheve a high score with the Developers assignment. This in turn for me will be a step up the ladder from Programmer to Developer.

Wish me luck.
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Recent posts by Kevin Broderick

Thanks for your reply Jimmy.

The relationship between the Java Developer certificate and this "project" is fuzzy.

Can you explain to me some more about this? When you say that it is fuzzy, is it because as a reader reading the description you did not think that it was a Java developers assignment until you read the achievements? Maybe in the description, I need to make clear that the work carried out was to qualify me as a Java developer.
12 years ago
Hello All

After some time ago, I completed the SCJD (or OCMJD) and passed . However I am now trying to get my CV together and I am unsure of how I am approaching this .

Firstly, because it was a project that was not commercial, could I say on my CV that I got 6 months experience in Java anyway?

Secondly, how would the below section of my CV come across to someone who is recruiting for a Java developer/programmer? Is the description\Technologies used\skills acquired accurate or inaccurate, too short or too long?

September 2010 – March 2011 Bodgitt and Scarper Developer Project

This project was a fictitious company of home improvement contractors.
The project involved designing and developing a multi-user application
for the broker’s Customer Service Representatives that accommodate
future changes along with help files and user manual.

Technologies used: Java 1.6, Eclipse Galileo IDE, RMI, Swing

Skills Acquired: 3-tier systems, project management, threading,
concurrency, GUI design and design patterns

Achievement: Awarded certification as a Java Developer by Oracle

I appreciate any help that is offered.


12 years ago
Thank you everyone

I want to point out that I purchased the project in October 2008 and not 2007. Yes I'm still celebrating and will be for some time
13 years ago
Hello everybody,

Oh boy, I'm so excited I can hardly believe my eyes. 8 o'clock this evening I read in my mail box the assignment results and with a shaky hand, I clicked on it to read :

Hi Kevin,

Congratulations! You have passed the Oracle Certified Master, Java SE6
Developer certification. You are among the elite 1% of certified Java
professionals who have gone on to achieve the Oracle Certified Master,
Java SE6 Developer certification.

I got the project in October 2007 and I put it to the side as it all seemed so daunting. Then I made a new years promise to complete the project on new years eve 2009, then from January to June 2010 I worked 3 to 4 nights a week taking the rest of the year off as a break and finished it off from late February to the end of March this year. It was a long journey, with a lot of hair being pulled out, sometime I felt like but I'm am so glad that I have reached the end. My advice to those who are starting or in the middle of it to keep the motivation going, its tough but you'll get there eventually.

There was a lot of work during the evenings after work, I did not think that I could do it but thanks to the Java Ranch forum which was rich in information, and other members who dispensed their advice. I want to thank the moderators Roberto Perillo who gave sound advice and provided that most essential thread-locking test code, but especially Roel de Nijs who always gave a rapid response to any of my queries, who dispensed his large and thrust worthy amount of know-how throughout the JavaRanch that had it not being for him I would have been unable to pass this certification.

I'm going to the pub, going to drown a pint of Guinness and reflect for a bit as I try to take in the fact that I'm now finished. I'm having a pint on ye all because ye were all part of it.

13 years ago
Hello everyone,

Well I'll be doing the Essay this friday and I know that afterwards I will be submitting the project. However I don't know how much time that I'm allowed between finishing the essay and to submitting the project. I intend to do it as soon as the exam finishes but how much time do Oracle allow?


Hello Ranchers,

I've got to ask ye this so as I can put the record straight. In my business service class instead of doing:

BusinessService(DAODatabase database)

what I've done instead is

BusinessService(String Connection)

where the string connection is currently a file location but in the future can be an sql statement. Using the parameter, it calls on the scheme to get the DAO. Would it be correct to say that my constructor has dependency injection?

Thanks ranchers

Hi All,

I don't know what to do here. As with all exceptions being raised inside the data class, they are all thrown up to the gui, but there is this situation where on writing back out to the file I must handle an IOException. I call on writing the file when I'm closing down the application so I cannot propagate it up to the gui. I suppose it would be right to catch the exception and use JOptionPane message informing the user of whatever went wrong on writing the file inside the data class. I believe that this is the way to do it but I'm just writing this here in case any of you ranchers here have a better way.

Cheers in advance


Thank you for your super fast reply and I'm glad to read open and close stays within the data class.

Alright everyone,

Its being a while since I've had to trouble some of ye. Indeed I'm down to the last 15% left to do in the assignment and so I took a break because I'm starting to get tired of it . Right, I'll just get to the point.

I've got two methods Open and Close. Open as you can guess, opens the data file and populates data's hashmap and close will take data's hashmap and write back out to the datafile. Open is implemented and it works fine but I'm not sure of the design approach. My question then is this:

1) Should I create a seperate file class implementing Open/Close within the package db where the data class can access and populate its hashmap by the method Open return value and pass its hashmap in close as a parameter.

2) Should I just leave these two methods within the class data making them private members.

3)or is there a better design approach to this.

Thanks in advance
I finally found this out.

If you are creating two buttons with the titles OK and Cancel, as a default each of the buttons will size accordingly to the length of their titles. To remedy this, for each of the buttons, call its setPreferedSize method passing in dimensions of width and height to be of the same lenght as each other and buttons OK and Cancel will be of the same size.

I'm delighted as to how easy this was, and I'm replying to this topic in the case that any of the other ranchers are having the same trouble.

Just my 2 cents.

I've another question that follows up on this question.

On catching the errors in JOptionPane, is it ok to pass a null as the parent frame?

Hi Roel,

I just want to make sure by you, if an IOException occurs, do you show the error message inside the private save. If so then this would be perfect

thank you Roel
Hello Ranchers,

I have a simple question. Is it an impropper coding standard to throw exceptions on a classes property set? for instance, I have a class ConfigurationFile that takes setting database location, port number, and IP address from the configuration screen through a property setProperties which in turn calls a private member save that creates the file if necessary and writes to it. In doing so, the operation must be encapulated in try catch blocks, so save throws a windowException and in turn so does setProperties. If there is a problem on saving the settings, the config screen catches the exception on calling the configurations setProperties and displays the exception to the user via JOptionPane.

Now this all works fine in Java I know but is right to have a set property throwing an exception. Please understand if this question is somewhat dim , but I am almost a begginer at Java development.

many thanks