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Recent posts by kiran sonawane

dear all ,

if any one gate information for java job vacancy please inform me .
i have 1+ year experiance in java/j2ee

thanks ,

Ivan Krizsan wrote:Hi!
Note that the version of my study notes that is up on JavaRanch is slightly ancient. If you, or anyone else, want the latest version, please go to
Sorry, I am unable to update the version on JavaRanch.
Best wishes!

thanks, Ivan

Rie Miyazaki wrote:Hello, everyone!
I passed this exam very sucessfully.
If you can take some time to prepare in advance (by checking basic webservice archtecture, XML validating API for JAVA, XML schema structure etc.. as written by Sun's official sites), it won't be difficult at all!

The learning materials by MZ were very helpful for me!
I can recommend them for you!

You can find the SCWCD-guide here.
If you want to buy his pre-exam file, you can also send an e-mail to him.

Thanks again, MZ , and ^^


congrats !!!

want your opinion , about following books

professional java web services - Apress
developing java web services - oreilly

is there any specific book for this certification ?? which version of exam you have passed ??

i am preparing for 310-230,

10 years ago

Ivan Krizsan wrote:

kiran sonawane wrote:is your study notes covers all objectives ? actually i did some certifications which have specific study guide (book) .

Yes, they do - to some varying degree. If you prefer to buy a book, then I am fine with that. My study notes, however, are free. :-)
Best wishes!

Web Services is so vast and there is no specific book ,so really your study notes will help me a lot ........

hi M Z , you have given links for your study material , can i download it ? if yes how? or it has to read online
Hi Ivan Krizsan,

is your study notes covers all objectives ? actually i did some certifications which have specific study guide (book) .
hi Mikalai Zaikin ,

i can not download it , i have to study it online!!! you said that this study material is not enough so what i have to refer again ??
sorry for my previous post bad formatting ..........i was getting error while post so tried differently sorry again
hi ,

I have seen many post of persons who passed and really thank full about your help , they have mention some study materials like "The Ultimate Guide J2EE web Service by " ," Study Notes " and Quiz can you please tell me where i get this material.

also guide me how will i prepare, is these notes are sufficient ?(covers all objectives) , approximately how much time it will take to passed exam
Hi, all please help me i am new to web services , i want to do SCDJWS please tell me which is new version of it , how to proceed for it , which books i have to use to get good score
you have lot of experience , is it good to me to do scjd or scdjws for getting good job (i did scjp and scwcd)
11 years ago
hi Roel De Nijs i am fresher and working in php can i score well, i really impressed with your score , how much effort you had taken for it ?
11 years ago
i did scjp , scwcd.
11 years ago
i am new to this form and working in php ,i have just start to prepare for scjd would you please tell me how to proceed .also can i get assignment of anyone just to get idea about real assignment if permissible.
11 years ago
hi ,Roel De Nijs i am new to this forum.
currently i am working in php can you please tell me how i proceed for scjd from where i start.
11 years ago