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me just  an average student want to be the best  programmer seems difficult but atleast i can try
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Recent posts by Vishal Hegde

I think Night Shift should be banned as it's impact our being a little bit of fitness freak..feel that  people should be given onsite opportunity in IT industry instead of making them awake in Night which makes them feel miserable..they are earning in billion of dollars can't they do little bit like this... we are not doctors or nurses who attend emergency operations for whom night shift becomes mandatory to save a person...

I don't have any loans...just my savings is not that much .I have a dream to purchasey own bullet bike and travel to trans Himalayan ranges...hence I am working plus saving money to give my parents a reasonable luxury life.
5 years ago

I joined a new company solely for Salary purpose but unfortunately it's a night shift..I am a person who loves trekking and do hiking nearby my mountains every day...Also I enjoy fitness and workout...only thing I hate is sitting 9 hours behind the cubicle...I changed the company which is having night shift only the reason was that they are providing 50 percent hike and unfortunately I feel it's only into monitoring infra and kind of Application Support.From System Administration I moved into a new role of Technical Lead (Support).

Are Support jobs boring jobs? I see we have Linux server access but looks like our work in it is limited..the only reason for joining it was 50 percent Salary Hike as I am in financial crisis and need financial stability...but doing night shift is not giving me peace of mind and no proper sleep... please suggest what needs to be done... Anybody with the Same experience doing night shift?
5 years ago

Randy Maddocks wrote:
Salvin asked if perhaps your fear is related to something else. I think that is a good point. Sometimes the real reason behind our fear is something rooted deep in our subconscious, that we are unaware is even there, but which is affecting our ability to accomplish things. I am by no means an expert in psychology, but maybe take some time and ask yourself the questions like the ones Salvin included in his response to your post.

All the best.

Hi When I joined Java project long back 4 years back in Bangalore motivated by Javaranch and SCJP book, the team members there were not much friendly for each of my questions 'i WAS asked to search in Google'.. I was just aware of Core Java and suddenly I was told to work in SPring MVC for the existing applications.

This led to gazing to the monitor and being in other thoughts
or when troubleshooting one error ... while finding the solutions...I found that I have been lost what was the initial error for which I  was troubleshooting

Initially at home i used to practise little bit of core java referring to SCJP books..but coming to a live project without training when I was thrown into Spring MVC and was kind of a cultural shock for me ...from that time it demotivated me and developed fear of programming...

Initially they were friendly when first joined,but there was a sudden change in their behaviour started being bit rude so that I can avoid them. I was bit offtrack because of such disturbance... Corporates should understand that such pretentious behavious should not be introduced else its impacts the employee within fills him with fear, makes him think twice before being open within colleagues in office.
5 years ago
Based on my previous experience from my different team, I have developed fear of programming and hence fear joining the programming side. I am into Infra roles mostly,got some insights of linux,but future seems to be moving towards development side or devops to be more specific. Can anybody please guide me here.
5 years ago
I attended the DBA demo course and was not quite convinced by the way he was teaching ..some students who was attending the course recommended some Linux Course after hearing my story. So I gave up DBA and attended demo session of Linux in Thane.. since he was in middle phase of teaching 100's of students, It was going bouncer but later when he invited me to come for a demo course, I found him convincing that too at reasonable price.  So I am gaining understanding on Linux OS, which is completly different from coding. Being in this scenario Will I be able to become a Good Programmer. I am scared to ask my Managers to put me into programming since being in this Operational Project, I Feel like, I have lost touch and its been long time.Even i dont feel like coding and havent been in touch with core Java much for months and neither with this coderanch  very often. Is there anybody who is having a powerful inutiton who can Suggest me what to do, shall I opt out for RHCE Certifications or try programming practise from scratch.

PS: I am an outdoor person who goes trekking, cycling and I heard Programmers spend most of their time indoors or in cubicles. Please consider this case too
6 years ago
Can anybody Recommend Best Tutor in Mumbai nearby Thane for SPRING MVC
8 years ago
Hi Team,

Wanted to know ,How can i get Subject Line from MS outlook to excel sheet using Core java. is there any predefined packages for the same?
8 years ago
Anybody who havev taken the similar course with the topics mentioned above please confirm.
8 years ago
Thank you Jayesh.. Based on your expert advise i am ready to invest my money in DBA Course
8 years ago
Dear Members,

Please update me is this the right course for DBA? Anybdy working in DBA and in this Ranch? I have no DBA Background hence asking and execute some Linux commands and Run some SQL Queries, monitor the jobs in Web Portals do sanity check for the Test Enviornment making sure that the enviornment is Up and running fine.
8 years ago