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Recent posts by Nilu Deshmukh

Thanks Ivan,

But how to run this code.. I am new into Rest web services and I only aware of RestEasy Web services.

I only know this kind of web services..

Please send me Complete code or yours and please also tell how to run this..

Thanks Again
7 years ago
I am Using Rest Web services. I want to Insert Client IP address into database. I tried.. following

but I am getting Null Pointer Exception..

Can anybody help me regarding this..

Thanks in Advance..

7 years ago
Thanks Shreeram,
I am using component listner... and it changes values also. but the issue is i could not determine how to change font size..

In getFormatLable method I wrote function to set font size and other parameters.

7 years ago
Hi All,
I want to change font size i.e increment or decrement , if button size is incremented or decremented..

I am using Component Listner.

7 years ago
Thanks Sherrif...

I downloaded fax4j. but i have some queries..
1) is it Freeware.
2) do i need any fax server to Implement this.
3) from where i can get sample code.

I want to send fax using Java Programme.
Can any one help me ?

Thanks in advance...

Thanks Michael.
I got the solution. Now I can open the selected Panel on Click event of menu Item.

But now when I open the selected Panel and close the panel. after closing the panel I am not able ro reopen it... Its displaying nothing.. what would be the Issue...

on click even I am calling this method...

7 years ago
7 years ago
I am new to Swing.
I am creating a MDI Application. In my application am using menus. On menus select option
i want to call that selected panel.
the panel code is written in another file...

The code is working fine if I am writing the Whole code in one file..
But if i create another class and write panel code in that class.
and when i create object of that class in main class. Its not displaying the panle code in
desktop pane.
the panle is being displayed out of frame..

what would be the solution.

Please help...
7 years ago
we are using Jboss 5.0. According to above post I tried to access the my application "URL"without port number but its not working.

I am using 80 port for HTTP request and 8443 for HTTPS .

Can you Please tell me how to access the application url without using port number.

I am also want to redirect all HTTP request to HTTPS at server side only.

Thanks ,

8 years ago
Check Your Java/JRE Proxy Setting. What error you aregetting at console?
8 years ago
Thanks For Yor Help.

I came to new the Problem. The Prblem is in Java keystore. JDK is not able to load the keystore. that why i can call the web service through browser https. but not through my code..

So Please Tell me how to load the certificat in JDK or do I need to set any Security Policy for my code....

Becase when I check the system Property through java code... it gives null.

8 years ago
I Was a Issue of .jar files .
The Issue is resolved.
8 years ago
I searched through google and found that its issue in Certificate installation..
can any one tell me how to install a certificate in trustore.

Thanks in Advance..
8 years ago
I am Trying to call a web service Client in my code but it gives following error

My Code is As follows
web service call ...

8 years ago