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sathya mayil

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since Aug 05, 2009
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Ramses Butarbutar wrote:Hi sathya mayil,

I haven't try to compile that source code.. But as i know if you use IDE (such as NetBeans) just load the library for javax.blutooth and microedition. (jsr-82.jar perhaps ).

The wireless toolkit is actually a collection of APIs, of which not all of it are for J2ME.
If you're to look at the list of available APIs on that list, you'll find that the Java API for bluetooth is among them.

Furthermore, those APIs for J2ME will be marked accordingly (with the 'for J2ME' suffix at the back of it). The Bluetooth API for Java on that list is not marked as such, which means its for PC use, not J2ME so you don't have to a j2me environtment for use it.

So once again try to download the jar from here
Download it, install it, then look for the .jar file for the bluetooth APIs in there. Load to your project library and run..

thanks a lot...
i tried using netbeans.. it worked well..
9 years ago
i m completely new to j2me..
when i was trying to learn i came across the following code..
i dont know how to compile this... could anyone help me.. i downloaded it from net.. i had a jar file for that runs fine..
but i don noe what type of program it is?...j2me/j2se..
9 years ago