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Recent posts by Karn Kumar

Henry, Thanks for quick help ..
8 years ago
I have tried this CyclicBarrier example and looks like Second Thread is not working completing after barrier.await() call ?

Is there something else happening, because I can see that JVM is still running but the last sysout statement in run() of the SeriveTwo class is not displayed in the console ?

8 years ago
Thanks A.J. Côté , First solution worked but the second one is not working.
Hi All,

I am new in Hibernate and i am doing these examples locally , but getting below error for many-to-many mapping:

Below are my code files

Here are the hbm files for both the above java classes



And finally my Testing class

Am i missing something or have i added something extra in hbm files ?
I was able to explain similar things , but i was thinking if there is any other disadvantage of it.
8 years ago
Thanks for the quick response Jeanne
8 years ago
One of the interviewer asked me this question about Generics that Why they are made compile time validations ?

Any thought on this ? I have discussed with my friend that possible reason can be "It is runtime(which will be then part of JRE validations) then legacy code has to be changed".
8 years ago
Hi All,

I am doing Java Standalone application first time .
I am planning to develop something which will be useful for stores or pharmacies to keep track of the daily records for goods and daily profit/loss.
Could you guys please suggest what will be the best GUI for standalone application. Initially i have used AWT but that too long back .

Thanks in advance.

9 years ago
Are you sure that you will let user upload the file based on the Pages ? Or you have some some size limit for uploaded file ? If that is Size which matters then you look for javascript code , what Ulf suggested is good .
9 years ago
Can you elaborate what all you tried and how exactly you are trying so that we can understand your requirement ?

Is it simply to fetch total Count / Per Page records = total pages (Can be done by Ajax call to get DB call and return final total number of pages ) .
9 years ago
From my observation, It is not returning ID for it.
Hi All ,
One doubt i have can you guys please help

I have below structure

Now i am calling below method

Can i get Id in LINE 1 ?
Hi All,

Can anyone suggest what could be the reason behind the error i am getting

I am trying to run sonar:sonar on the code and my POM has been updated to sonar Maven plugin 2.2

Thanks in advance.
9 years ago
Hi ,

Can anyone suggest if there is any difference between "join" and "inner join" in hibernate .


I referred below

And seems working fine for me , it actually encrypting URL in the browser and also I am getting parameters in the URL which were previously there

This below line returning Map having all parameters and problem i faced after adding encoding logic is resolved .