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I'm soumya ranjan rout a Software developer. Love to work in Java,J2EE,J2ME techs..
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Recent posts by Soumya Rout

Try this

10 years ago
Updating a particular record involves getting a handle for that record and setting new information.

returns the data stored in the given record in the byte array represented by buffer.

returns a copy of the data represented by recordId.

sets new information,

a stream of bytes (newData) with offset as its starting index and numBytes as its length,
at the record location represented by recordId.

10 years ago
Try in Different midlets. Means in 1 you put the sender and in another put the receiver.

10 years ago
Ok do one thing. Open your JAD file
It should be like

To add these properties in netbeans follow the steps,

1. Go to project Properties. (Right click properties)
2. Find the Application Descriptor section from the category
3. You will get the 4 tabs. Chose the respective tab and add the respective properties.

Then build the project. And reopen the JAD. After doing these things try to run your SMS app. It should work now.
10 years ago

1) What code should I add in viewSales and viewPurchases to return to the menu from whence they came?

You need to add Back Command in the midlet and add those commands to the Forms (say viewSales and viewPurchases).
And in the Check for the Back command and switch the display.

LIke :-

10 years ago
Have configured the PUSH Registry properties in the JAD ?

e.g:- MIDlet-Push-1: sms://:50001,RecieveMidletName,*
10 years ago
Which type of file you want to read ?
10 years ago
Try using LWUIT. It has lots of touch screen capabilities and events.
Check this link it might help you.
10 years ago
In j2me there is MMAPIs available to play with sounds.

Try this link you will find more about it . MMAPI Example

10 years ago
Yep you are right. Thats the exact flow. When the page2.jsp opens up it doesn't go to a different controller . Rather it access the same controller from it was called.

Now the problem i need to load some data in Bean object through formBackingObject method. But when the page2 loads up it directly comes without moving to the BackObejct method.. And on submit of the page2 it goes to earlier controller..

11 years ago
In my application i need to display new jsp page with form fields and all that rather than a normal success page.

I tried this code , it displaying the next page with fields but its not accessing the specified controller (On submit on page2 as well) .

But if try this code

its showing following exception :

Neither BindingResult nor plain target object for bean name 'frmPage2' available as request attribute.

I'm stuck here. Please someone guide me.


11 years ago
Hi, In my application I need to display data using JSTL on the user's mousehover on a link. Without any javascript is it possible ? Please help me out on this.
11 years ago
Tables are still quite acceptable for displaying layout elements that are in
a tabular layout format, and in fact can be better than divs with such
layout. However, divs are more flexible for the same reason - they do not
restrict the layout to tabular format. By using divs you can change layouts easily with out touching the contents but in table it very weird all TD and TR tags makes things more tougher.

I am not getting any sort of data back. When the following code excuted it throws exception and server says resource not available.

The SVC method

The getUserDta method :

11 years ago
Thanks Mark I got the solution.
I have one more problem. I am trying to get some data from database through Service and DAO classes and store them in form backing object. And return that object to the JSP . But its not working. Isn't it a right process to do ??

Please help me out

Thanks Soumya
11 years ago