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Recent posts by nisreen hyari

Hi all, I am all new to migration processes, hence, based on your experience I want you to help me in this,
One party is already using portal 6.1.5 and wants to migrate to Portal 8, what questions should I ask them to be able to define my scope of work from development point of view not administration. For example, I will ask them:
1. What new features and functionalities specific to portal 8, they want to support from this migration process
2. What are the already application deployed on their current portal environment , and if any, what are the technologies and specification used in them , on which standards they were written (JSR 168, JSR 286 or IBM), are there any iframes, remote portlets.
Can you help about what other consideration I must ask them?
7 years ago
I am also preparing for the SCDJWS, can you tell me if it is possible to find a free soft copy of Richard Monson-Haefel (RMH) book, and if yes then where?
Thanks in advance and regards
i am developing a JSF Portlet application and facing the following problem;
i have two portlets A and B, portlet B has 3 views, when i navigate from A to B and reaches the third view of B, i must go back to portlet A, but the problem is that when i navigate again from A to portlet B, i found B in the third view instead of the initial view.
i tried to put "<expiration-cache>0</expiration-cache>" for portlet B, but it does not work, do anyone have any idea on how i can solve the problem and reset portlet B to its initial state!!
Thanks in Advance
10 years ago
yes they are part of the same war, my problem is that i need a way to put the "serviceID" parameter inside the portlet session when the user click the link
11 years ago
i am facing the following problem, and i really need your help
I am developing a portlet application using RAD 7.5, on IBM portal 6.1, JSR 286
I have a list of services, each service is displayed as a link on Portlet A, when the user clicks any Link, i must go to another Portlet B where i also need the ID of the selected service, i am done with the navigation part but i am unable to get the serviceID in Portlet B (can any one help me in this), i really need a way to call a server method on user click where i can put the service id in the portletSession, but i don't know how to do this when using <hx:outputLinkEx >, i tried to use <h:commandLink> but the navigation is no longer working
the following is the JSF page containing the links

and the code where the URL is generated

i even tried to use events but the processAction method is not getting called at all!!!
please any ideas..........

11 years ago