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Recent posts by costa basil

They say between 4 & 6 weeks, but I was wondering what is the actual time...

I have to admit I am confused as well.

I submitted the assignment for part 2. Now what? Should I wait until I hear back from the scea folks or should I purchase part 3 and go on with it? I read that others went on with part 3 before submitting the assignment. Is part 3 containing questions about the assignment application or questions in general? In my mind, I originally thought that someone reads your assignment and the questions are related to the assignment and your design, but now I don't think that is true anymore.

Thank you
So, if I send the jar file to that email address do you think it's going to be fine? Don't worry, I am not holding you responsible :-)

Do I have to follow any naming convention? Subject line? Or they figure things out based on the attachment name which follows the format scea-<prometric id>.jar

Thank you

The upload doesn't work!!

Does anyone here have a contact number or email address? Where do the assignments get sent?

I talked to a prometric rep but they can't do anything they say it is now on oracle's court.

Thank you
Yes, I did. I logged in to this website where they have an upload button. I sent an email to the who2 address but I never got back a reply.
In the email I received from the sun certification it states:

When you are ready, you must request upload rights via email to: who2 etc.

Do I have to do that or does it work without requesting the rights?


I have a few questions for you if you don't mind to answer...

Did you create one or multiple class diagrams? They request says 'Create a class diagram...'. I was wondering if it is ok to create more than one. It seems to me that a reasonable sized diagram might not be enough.

Did you provide any documentation for the classes you included in the diagram(s) or is it only the diagrams that you included?


I just passed the exam today and I must say there were some questions that got me thinking who came up with this s**t. Some typos, and some spaghetti options that I felt I wanted to close my eyes and click randomly on the answers. I thought that each answer is rejected or accepted rationally based on some explanation but for some of them the reasons eluded me.

It is too bad they don't give you a chance to review the answers after submitting the test. I really wanted to do it to see what I did not get right.

But anyway, it got me back to this forum, it got me thinking more and I want to review some this stuff that I think I didn't get right.


Can someone please recommend me some good mock exams? I found these:
and this:

There are probably others. Are the whizlabs tests good? I hate spending money on some tests just to discover they have questions or answers that are wrong or incorrect.