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Suranga Nath Kasthurirathne

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since Aug 11, 2009
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Recent posts by Suranga Nath Kasthurirathne

yep.. the passing score is 66 % i passed 1.6 on the 1st of this month and got 78% and its 60 questions over three hours....
static objects wont get serialized.. but that wont give an error.. only when you try to access the static object do you get a null pointer excaption..

but if it was not static and yet did not impliment serilizable then an exception is thrown because it sees that tree is not serializable...

hope that this answer is correct ...
that was on the first of this month
and im just as stunned as you are... wonder whats happening... but im pretty sure that my exam certificate says that the cut off mark is 66% or so....
I prefer the first method.. much much cleaner.. and also parseDouble() takes a string value... why bother with that when you have the first option ?

cheers ....
10 years ago
not for 1.6 .. for 1.6 you need 66% with 60 questions.. i think you are referring to 1.5 scjp.....
Yes guys... I was also given a teeny weeny white board and gigantic marker when i did my scjp... and they wont event let me use PAPER !!!

but anyway i passed ! so there !
Just to make it all clear guys... ive tried both Whizlabs and Examlab... and while both of them are on the same difficulty level I can most definitely say that both are much harder then the real exam......
Yeah... I kinda relate to poor Fritz so i was trying to motivate him to pass the exam ... didn't mean any harm though...
10 years ago
oh Yeah... whiz labs is much much harder

i tried the damn thig and the marks i got from it were so low that i almost commited suicide.. but then two weeks later i passed SCJP 1.6 with 78%

and also very many thanks to Devaka for his exam lab.. a fellow Sri Lankan..
I konw just how you feel.. best of luck man.. and do that SCJP thing.. these days anyone without scjp is like the stuff the cow leaves behind... (grin)
10 years ago
I dont think that Sun certification vouchers are transferable... though i am not 100% sure... you best try with the local Prometric testing centre for exam vouchers.... best of luck with the exam...
10 years ago
Congradulations !! you are quite fast...