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Right I am referring to "Coders at Work".


That's really a great idea as it will help many java developers like me. Hope you continue your contribution to this field. Good Luck.
11 years ago
What made you write this book? Does this book reflects the challenges faced by you or your knowns? What was the inspiration behind it?
11 years ago
Got it. Thanks to all.
Ok then it should throw exception at runtime as the array element is not within the bounds.
It will result in ArithmeticException.

I tried this code and it is AE.

I want to ask one thing that the array has been created with two elements and they should be x[0] and x[1].

Why the compiler doesnot complain when I try to assign something to an array element which is out of the bounds of that array and if the compiler doesnot do that then ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException should be thrown.

I don't know whether I am able to ask my doubt or not but please answer it.

How much did you score in the first attempt?
11 years ago
Is it really possible to reappear for the exam if you have not failed in it ? Please tell me.
11 years ago
Thanks everyone.
11 years ago
Please let me know if there is any relationship between the size of the collection and the time taken to retrieve the item from the collection.
I don't want to take the "retake attempt". I would take a fresh voucher and then reappear for the certification exam. Please let me know is that possible.
11 years ago

I cleared SCJP 6 yesterday however the score is very less. I thought I would get good marks but could not understand why it happened.

I have to retake the exam so please suggest me some good study materials and mock tests for the areas where I scored less and the details are:
Concurrency : 40%
OO Concepts : 40%
Collections / Generics : 50%
Fundamentals : 66%

I had gone through K&B book and some mock tests still I could not get what I expected.

Please help.

11 years ago
Well caught.

Actually I wan't to know whether the codes will compile or throw runtime exceptions. If compiler reports error then at which line and why.

Not clear. Please explain the output and also why it results in that output. Also one more code snippet has to be added to the above list :

Please can someone explain the output of these three code snippets alongwith proper explanation. I am quite confused although I think I am clear about the last one but still please.
Please explain the difference between the following two code snippets and the outputs produced by them too.