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Recent posts by Dexter Jesu

I have couple of doubts regarding downloading of file using Java
1. Is it possible to get the size of file before start downloading ?
2. Also is it possible to download only x to y bytes from a file ?
Thanks in advance.
7 years ago
Hi, I developed one web applications using struts. Now when i tried to run in another machine I am getting the following error. Following is taken from glassfish server log

SEVERE: INFO [http-thread-pool-8080-(1)] ( - Parsing configuration file [struts-default.xml]

SEVERE: INFO [http-thread-pool-8080-(1)] ( - Unable to locate configuration files of the name struts-plugin.xml, skipping

SEVERE: INFO [http-thread-pool-8080-(1)] ( - Parsing configuration file [struts-plugin.xml]

SEVERE: INFO [http-thread-pool-8080-(1)] ( - Parsing configuration file [struts.xml]

SEVERE: INFO [http-thread-pool-8080-(1)] ( - Loading global messages from ApplicationResources

Also in the browser I am getting


message. Please tell me where the problem lies.
7 years ago

Lester Burnham wrote:The first step is not to understand them, but to get them running. Once you have a working application, surely you can analyze the source code to see what's going on. Start here:

Thanks Let me try and let you know if I face any problems
8 years ago

Lester Burnham wrote:Have you tried searching for something like "google maps java example"?

Yeah I tried but cant able to understand from those examples
8 years ago
In one of my assignment I need to access google maps API. Project is something like - there will be GUI window where user need to specify the lan & long and apps inturn display the corresponding location in the map.I dont have any prior knowledge about google maps API. I went through some tutorial but I cant able to understand anything from it. Almost all tutorial speaks about integrating google map in webpages but I dont think this is my cup of tea. So please give your suggestion about what are the background knowledge needed before getting started & is there any gud/easy tutorials available for it. P.S I am using netbeans IDE
8 years ago
Hello friends,
I have created web services using Axis2. Please let me know is there any way to add jar file in that.
Thanks in advance
9 years ago
Hi Friends,
I am getting error java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: PermGen space while deploying. I am using Glass Fish v3 prelude. For Tomcat we can add the size in log file, if this error occurred. But for Glass fish what shall i do . Where will be Glass Fish log file. Please help. Tanx in advance
9 years ago