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Recent posts by Hritik Roy

Here ya go. Thanks for the support guys!

what???was that an encrypted msg or something?

I understand that you are being thankful for something, and this is your first post.

so,welcome to javaranch
12 years ago

the scale is a number out of 4. The definition of good varies, but most people agree it is somewhere between 3.5 and 3.75

I guess that means marks ranging between 87.5% to 93.75% are considered good ,
although i have never killed a mosquito with my own hand,but i see myself more suitable as a member of brotherhoods or streetgangs with semi-automatics and LSD than as a 'good' student in US The highest marks i heard of in our state in any undergrad course was 87.7%,and i thought(along with 80 million others) that guy was genious.

I am not feeling nervous or scared at all, i just need to lie down and drink a glass of water, or a bottle perhaps.

that 68% is a good score in India. A collegue told me 60%+ is class A. (In the US 68% is barely a passing score and not one you'd put in a resume

At least there will be one interviewer who wouldn't advise me to revisit my nursery school days

P.S. Jeanne,never seen someone like you,you are answering these trivial questions(euphemistically inquisitiveness ) without showing any sign of disturbance.Thats such a generosity for your part .
12 years ago

You always wanted to do it. Why do you want to tie it down to your career?

Yes,i will learn it anyway , only thing i wanted to know if i do a certification(which was not a part of my dream , but i was thinking of capitalizing on my personal interests too,what can i say, recession bites).
I was exactly thinking what Maneesh is telling . And i am also realizing that there is no definitive answer to my question .Like who were brought up in US,because of their diversified educations,they will be looking for the relevence of the subject always,whereas in india this might work out pretty well to impress the interviewers.

So,my decision is - " Ich werde Deutsch lernen "(yes, i know,i used google translation tool to do that, but i will not,after 2 months )

Faust,Metamorphosis - i read them all (in my native language though ),even tried the german expressionist movies(like M,metropolis -they are very hard to understand though) that i am almost done with them,so i am picking more serious topics like 'Diane Kruger'
12 years ago

I don't know. Statistics have different implications depending on the country

Every year half a million student graduate as engineers in India and forget about countrywise implications, it is even impossible to build a common standard to compare all of the indian students. What i have seen is that, the worse the college is the more number the students get in general even without striving too much.

I wonder how interviewers or international academic institutions cope with these problems?How do they generalize ?
I wish there had been a percentile based education system,rather than the existing percentage based one.
Since 75% is low how much you get on an average to be considered as a good student?
12 years ago
i don't know if you are feeling vexed by the questions, but the truth is i never talked with so many important people like you before ( MIT alumni, world known authors, experienced and very accomplished programmers- where should i stop )So, it really feels good to talk to you about career, hope you don't mind
12 years ago
Thanks Mark. Yes, Jeanne is right, i am 21, so you understand how eager i am to see the world (my parents say for first time ever they are seeing adverse effect of National Geographic,Discovery channel and the History channel ,and they are seeing it in me ) , unlike most american youth, i have never been out of my bustling city of 8 million(i love it very much though)

However, working as a consultant in tech firm was a very good advice - i think you are talking about system analyst..actually that is what i have been thinking about for last few days.

How about deciding the next step after 3-4 years of work, i will be in a better position to understand my area of expertise ( if there is any ). I know its absolutly normal to go for MBA at the the age of 26-27. But is it a bit old for doing MS?

Another thing, i got 75.8 % in my graduation(bachelors) with obtaining 4th position in last semester in the university(approx 11 thousand students :)).But if i ever apply to an international school or give an interview,how would you rate this marks?
12 years ago
i start with mine-

Best movie i have ever seen - Life is Beautiful

Worst(by that i meant overrated) - Dark knight

Favorite Actor - Tom Hanks Actress- Judie Foster

most underrated movie - Everything is illuminated ( should be in imdb top 250)
12 years ago
What is the best movie you have ever seen?

What is the worst movie you have ever seen?(worst would be hard to decide,so in your opinion which one is the most overrated one?)

be honest..if you liked peter pan or striptease, just say it, don't say citizen cane

also, if you like you can name your most favourite actor/ actress
12 years ago
hi Jeanne,
thanks for your kind advice both here and in the other thread.

Yes, i live in a city(its kolkata or formerly known as calcutta).

Consider joining Toastmasters International.

certainly i will give it a try.
12 years ago
Thanks Jeanne and Andrew, those were very valuable not only in terms of relevence to the topic, but you wonderfully depicted a picture of the Software industry itself. Not only german, i am understanding the significance of a whole lot of other things as well.

12 years ago
Hi, ranchers, if you are reading this, then i am going to ask you a decisive question of my life.

I never wanted to become a Software Engineer.I wanted to get a job where i can travel a lot(suppose this 10 months in Moscow,next thing will be that i will be posted in London for , say another 10 months).That wish, since i was 12-13,to now when i am almost 22,never changed for once.So, now on the brink of deciding for my last academic pursuit, i am confused between MS and MBA.(here in india you don't have to acquire work experience to get admission in B-Schools, and i am talking about the finest ones)

Do i like coding? yes, of course. Do i prefer fat money over innovation?well,why not,yes,no,yes....Am i concerned about the fact that i feel nervous while speaking in front of an audience?yes, very much.

So, do you think being a bad public speaker rules out the possibilty of being a good manager?(till date i have had 3-5 chances of public speaking, and in most cases i find my mind in complete disarray for first 5 minutes,face feels really warm for that time,in almost all of those cases i recovered later during presentation,but i fear that inconsistency is not permitted in the fields of management).Although i never felt any problem at all while attending small groups or individuals.

and secondly, i really will be more than happy to stay in s/w industry, if i get a chance to fulfill my lifelong dream of globetrotting not during vacation,but because of the nature of the work i will be doing. Do you think engineering can also provide such prospects or MBA would be a better option here?
12 years ago
Thank you Henry, thats exactly what Katrina said.

I learned something here today, in our college we had this misconception that, the more technical certifications you do, the more salary you get...and with the help of the non-tech certificates you can get priority in the process of being selected in an interview. Now i think after talking to you and katrina, that IT industry is more skill based and less knowledge based(i used to think other way around). Correct me if i am wrong.

It is amazing how quickly something can be lost if it is not used.

I thought thats my problem.I feel good(actually relieved) to know that people like you also say such things. Henry, what makes a person intelligent?
ok, i have some real thing to ask you,Henry and Katrina and you all , so, if you don't mind i will start a new topic
12 years ago
Well, i pretty much got the picture..thanks for the clarification, now i can decide it very well

Any suggestions on what can i do in this break of 3 months ?
12 years ago
Hi Katrina,
thanks for the feedback.

when i said "will it be valued", i meant that, if you were an interviewer(chances are that you actually are )will you take the multilingual aspect of an interviewee as an added advantage in terms of communication skills?

i will be sitting idle for next few months,and awaiting the joining letter from where i was recruited in, i want to do something constructive in this break which will give me some good points to pen down on my CV. So, i was thinking of converting my personal interests and wishes into benefactors. As, i am preparing for SCJP, i really don't want to involve in other tech-related subjects. What would you suggest?(my long term aim is to do an MBA, i have a question on that too, but i will ask that later)
12 years ago
Hi, although i am indian, i always wanted to learn german ( personal interest ,just personal).

I just have completed my graduation (bachelors) in information technology and waiting for the company where i am recruited in(TCS and they are expected to call for joining by the end of november or in early or mid-december)

I am preparing for SCJP right now,and also learning german a bit for fun.

My question is that in this 3-4 months of leisure,do you think instead of going for SCJP,then SCWCD and learning german for fun, i should complete SCJP first and then do a german certification seriously(A1 - a widely recognized cert for german language). Will it be valued in the IT industry(specially outside germany) ??

what should i do in the next 3 months apart from preparing for SCJP (1 month more i need for that), i am tired of watching 2 movies per day.

I also wanted to ask you another question because of your level of experience and expertise, but i will do that in another topic.

please give your precious opinions
12 years ago