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Recent posts by Gangadhara Chandu

deepak adlakha wrote:You can refer this and this will give you what SCEA is all about.

Sun Offical URL

Core Area include Design Patterns, EJB, JSF, Web Services, Security, Web technologies (JSP, Servlets, JSF...), Messaging and design concepts.

Thank you for a quick response Deepak. This really helps, I will go through these links and familiarize more on SCEA P I
Thanks again

a shukla wrote:Hi All,

I am silent watcher on Java Rach. Yesterday I cleared SCEA I. Score is low and I could do better but I am happy that I have cleared this exam. Exam was really tough compares to other Sun's Java exam.

With job and family it would tough to spend more time in day, but I would say, still I was able to spend on an average 1 or 1 and half hour since June'09. During my preparation,I used to visit this forum where I got many valuable suggestions from experience ranchers who already cleared this exam recently or preparing for exam.

My main study materials are as follow:

MZ's note --- this is really good, though it is not complete but you could score at least 40 to 45%. ---- I used to read articlese like (JPA,EJB 3.0,JSF,Patterns- specifically Visitor Pattern etc..)
J2ee Tutorial ---- JPA,EJB 3.0 are really good and I went through JSF once.
J2ee Architech Hand book --- Read complete once word to word
Sun Certified Architech by Mark Cade --- read compete once word to word
JWS_White_Paper.pdf ---- for Java Web Start and JNLP (this is really good for concept and exam perspective for Java WebSart)

Any one can contact me on my personal email address or personal message for any further help. I would more than happy to help you if anyway I can.

Time to go for Part II..... best of luck who is preparing for this exam....


Congrats Lirin, please pass on your personnel mail id, I ama newbee t this forum and want to to know and prepare for SCEA Part I

8 years ago

Hi All

I joined this group yesterday and my goal is to get certified with SCEA. I started my career with VB/Sybase/Objective C etc and from the last 4 years working with Java/J2ee. My current project is with EJB 3, JMS with MQ Messaging connectivity with J2ee application runs on glassfish server. I do not have any Java certifications sofar and would like to know if i need to get any like SCJP/SCWCD etc before preparing for SCEA.

Can someone please clarify me with the main core ares of J2ee to be prepared for SCEA Part I

Thank you one and all