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Recent posts by Rob Poulos

so im checking out the SpaceInvaders tutorial found here:

im trying to wrap my head around why you need to know the last loop time to calculate movement? i would think that you would just need to look at the current position and increment that x-axis and/or y-axis by .01, 1, 30 or whatever needed for each loop.

below are a few snippets of the code listed in the above link:

11 years ago

Ernest Friedman-Hill wrote:I wonder if it's not your PC at all, but rather a caching proxy at your company that is sometimes returning the wrong page. Have you noticed any cases where the mobile page is not up to date -- i.e., some posts are missing?

I wasnt paying attention to that. I will keep my eye open to see if that is happening

does the site have an auto-detect feature in place? if so, maybe its how my information is being passed to it? Knowing my work, they're probably doing something to the infomation i pass.
11 years ago
The URL was:

I just cleared out everything again (Cache, History, Cookies, etc..). I tried to browse the forum again, this time without logging in, and the first page ( was normal but then when i clicked on a specific forum ( it went to the mobil view

whats weird is that it seems to be random:

I was just on and it was the normal site

i clicked and it was the normal site

i hit the back button on IE to bring me back to and it was t he mobile site
11 years ago
There has to be something wrong with my PC...

i clicked on the main forum page and it was the full site

I clicked on My Posts and it was the full site

I clicked on this topic and it was the mobile site again

I clicked on Reply and its the mobile site
11 years ago

Jeanne Boyarsky wrote:I've tried deleting your server session to make sure it isn't a caching issue. You'll be prompted to log in again next time you use the site.

I don't know why it would be so "sticky" though. I imagine you were on the mobile site once to comment on the layout. But it shouldn't remember that.

This may have fixed it. from my home PC everything is looking great! but i rarely visit the ranch from my home pc so the real test will be when i go into work Monday.

if it still does it, then there has to be something wrong with the work PC. I appreciate your efforts
11 years ago
I hope to god this isnt just me. Its still occurring. every time i come to this site now i have to click that "visit our non-mobile (full) site" link at the bottom of the page to see the regular site. I am not accessing this site via mobil phone... i never have. if i click on the link below it changes to the original site UNTIL i click on another link... then it goes back into the mobil forum. i've cleared my cache and deleted cookies..

im running Windows XP with IE8

this is aggrivating. makes me not want to visit the ranch which is rather upsetting because i like this community
11 years ago

Sandy Shetty wrote:Once again Rob, thank you very much for the information that you provided.
It was a great analysis that you put up here. All the references that you provided have been of enormous help to me for my exams.
In fact, the write up, the references, not to forget your experience, were of great assistance and helped me to pass the SCJA exam with flying colors.
Thank you

I passed my SCJA exam yesterday with 96% marks (just missed out on 2 questions ). Like you said, I wish I could go back and solve them too

Take Care.

God Bless.



I am super excited for you and thrilled that my write up played a part in your excellent score!

EDIT: Nevermind the sticky post... i just noticed that this post was moved from the SCJA forum. If stickied, it should go there
11 years ago
i fixed it.... kind of

i found the link at the botton of the page that says

"Or visit our non-mobile (full) site"

I clicked it and the page turned normal. but then after browsing some of the forums they are still in mobil format until i click the link again
11 years ago
every time i access it seems as if i am getting the mobile site. the URL is correct for the normal site but the forum setup is is exactly the same as if i had visited

I am using IE on my desktop PC
11 years ago
hopefully this is the right forum for this

I am currently working on an instant messaging chat application and was wondering how the flow of communication should go between Client A and Client B

My initial thought was to have Client A & B connect to Server A and pull down the connection information (IP's, Ports, etc..) for their "buddies". at this point Clients A & B would be able to iniitiate a direct connection between themselves, leaving Server A out of it. Server A would periodically broadcast changed data to clients but thats about it. It would be the clients responsibility to manage its connections (chat sessions). Might run into some difficulties doing this with firewalls, routers, etc...

or... all communication between Clients A & B must pass through Server A before that communication is passed on to Client B, making Server A the manager of all connections (chat sessions). This is definitly more overhead for the Server and more hops means more points of failure. But, this drasticaly reduces the potential issue stemming from Firewall/router issues.

your thoughts?
hey guys. thanks for the responses. i probably should have provided more/different info.

When i stated Software Engineer i guess i really mean programmer. Im still having a hard time figuring out the differences between programmer, developer, engineer. In my head they're all the same deal.

The following was performed before obtaining my SCJA cert:

I've only worked on 1 project at my job that was self-driven. It was a History Extract utility originally written in perl. Its basic function was to take in a bunch of unique id's (20k - 100k or s0), connect to an oracle DB, extract all the data, perform some post-extract manipulation, and then compress. The original script would take around 8 hours to complete for 100k id's (it was single threaded). I rewrote the app in java doing my best to make it truely Object Oriented. The app continuously runs monitoring a specific directory for files to appear. Once a file appears in the directory, the HistoryExtract class spawns a new HistoryExtractEngine thread which performs all the work. the working directories, # of threads, etc... are all contained in an xml properties file. The app has features such as DB interaction, multithreaded, custom logging, nested hashmaps (this was a nightmare). once it was ready for production use the turnaround time for 100k id history extract went from 8 hours down to 1 hour.

Other than that project I havent had the opportunity to really do anything else. thats the downside of working for a large healthcare company. Not only do you have the restraints of a large company but you are also shackled to SOX, SAS70, and HIPAA because of the healthcare factor which really restricts what i am allowed to do.

I think i am going to have the Java developers here review my code and grade it for me . I have put a bug in the App Dev managers ears that i am looking for opportunity however at the moment we are not hiring for entry level positions.
11 years ago
Hey all,

I am currently the Supervisor of Computer Opertaions for a large heathcare company and am looking for a slight career change. I am looking to obtain a position as an Entry Level Software Engineer (preferrably Java, obviously). Now, I do have unofficial development/scripting experience (java, perl, shell) however i've never worked as an actual developer. I do not have a college degree either. I've been browsing monster for current job listings but there isnt much of anything for someone like myself with little to no experience as an actual developer. I figured I would have to go the extra mile to reach my goal. I've done some googling and the general consensus is that i should join the OpenSource community and work on some of the projects. This way i not only build out my development skills but i will also have proof of my skillset to show employeers. My question to you is, Do you have any other tips/tricks i should explore to help get my foot in the door? where should i being to look for OpenSource projects (SourceForge?)

i found this which was of some help:

i also think im going to skip using dev environments such as eclipse or netbeans at first so i can really get a grasp of what i am doing. I learn by doing something wrong 100 times before i do it right

any help you guys give can be greatly appreciated
11 years ago
for me it was about 2 weeks. but i live a hop skip and a jump away from Sun... so maybe that helped
11 years ago