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We are using Websphere MQ and there is JAAS in place. It was all working fine but suddenly one day i started getting exception as below :

Though i cleared it by providing SocketPermission to machine_name in policy file.
I had to add some more permission in policy file to get it worked, as below :

But the thing i really dont know is why it was working earlier and why it needed those changes, when the code is not changed. Does it have anything to do with machine configuration, machine is running on AIX. Please help me here, I am new to MQ and JAAS.

We are applying policy file for JAAS using "" and "".
11 years ago
according to one question at javaranch round up game, following will return false :
Integer a = new Integer(5);
Integer b = new Integer(5);
if (a==b);

this if statement will return false according to java ranch but the correct answer is true as JVM keeps single object for Integer and Short within the range -128 to 127.

hence the result of this if should be true
12 years ago