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Recent posts by Jignya Patel

As per my experience I am rarely productive in an environment where I am uncomfortable, be it with the skills that I might be lacking or it could be the surrounding environment that I dont blend in.......
Job satisfaction plays a strong role in your career.......
Try answering questions like...are you offering the company your full potential? If not (or cant) what else can you do? Do that in your company and be good at it and most of all enjoy what ever it is that you are doing.....

This has been my might not work out with you in the same way...
10 years ago
Hi guys..
I want to tak the SCJP exam in about 18 days.....Which one should I register for?
310-055/056 or 310-065/066
The k&B book I am referring to is for 310-055.
If I register for an exam other than 310-055, do I have to refer to the respective k&B for that exam...
(My prob is that I ahve already bought the book...)
Thank You for replying,

.........."In addition, this is many companies' big money making period, so they tend to do code freezes."

What do you mean John?
11 years ago
Thank You all for your positive replies.....

The negative attitude of my consultant is really bothering me.....He keeps telling me things like... no one hires during december or the job market is really rally really bad (which I dont think is true anymore....JAVA positions are really coming up)... Also before I joined him for the training he told me that he would sponsor my H1 next he says that becuase his company is really small he will sponsor only a few selected people. If I need to be sponsored, I have to get a project first.

Now I am worried if I land up in a situation where I dont get a project and April (the month to apply for my H1) is coming up!!!

I am looking for other good consultants who are willing to sponsor my H1 for me next year. Does any one know of some really genuine consultants.
Someone who is true to their words and has honest work ethics....

I have never dealt with consultants before.....I am starting to have a bad feeling about him...
Please help me figure out what to do....
11 years ago
Hello All,

I am an international student in USA....about to graduate in December. TO get a job during my one year of internship that starts in Jan 2010, I took up J2EE training through a consultancy. My goal is to land a job by the end of Jan 2010 but my consultant just told me that it is very likely that I will get one because of the following reasons...
1) No body hires during christmas season
2) Department usually has no funds to hire
3) By the time dept gets more funds, it is around Feb or March of next year. (i.e almost in the end of the 1st quarter)
I am new to this country and as such I do not know whether this the general trend that US companies tend to follow..

The consultant's words are really affecting my confidence of getting a job by January.
Is he right about the hiring period?
I hope this is not the case.....

11 years ago