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Hi all,

I’m new to Tomcat and normally work in a Microsoft Windows world. I’ve stumbled into a problem using Tomcat as a web server, that I’m sure there is a simple solution for though I can’t find it. I’m sure it works if I use a MS IIS server instead of a Tomcat server at least. I hope some of you more experienced users of Tomcat can either point me in the right direction or perhaps come up with the conclusion J
My problem is:
I have a running Active Directory which holds the users and groups. I have a Windows XP client, which is member of the Active Directory domain. If a users logs into the client using he’s username and password and then open Internet Explore I would like him to gain access to a web page hosted on the Tomcat server. The problem is that the Tomcat server shall validate the user’s Active Directory credentials and the credentials should be sent to Tomcat without user interaction. In other words I want “Windows Integrated Authentication” from the MS world, so that Internet Explore takes the users credentials and send them to the Tomcat server (Kerberos). So far I can only get this to work if Internet Explorer prompts the users for he’s credentials (Basic Authentication).
In other words I want to archive this:
· Users logs onto the Windows XP computer using he’s username and password
· User opens Internet explorer and write the URL to the page hosted on the Tomcat server
· Internet Explore sends the users username and password automatically to tomcat (Kerberos)
· The Tomcat validates the user’s credentials and accepts the request.

This is some form of Single Sign On and I know it works if I use IIS instead of Tomcat.
I’ve found several guides on the net, but no one which tells me if this is possible or not. Hope some of you of you can point me in the right direction, but perhaps I have to use a third part application to archive this??

Thanks in advance,
12 years ago