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Recent posts by Amitabh Sharma

A bird in the hand will probably shit on your wrist. Anon.
Don't be so humble. You're not that great.--Golde Meir, Prime Minister of Israel
A man will fight harder for his interests than for his rights. Napoleon
A single death is a tragedy; a million deaths is a statistic. Joseph Stalin
Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use.Wendell Johnson
18 years ago
Congratulations Maha Anna. It seems like you got the best of both worlds.
It would be my dream come true if I got that deal.
Why do interviewers in India get so techincal even with experienced developer? After all anyone who has been in the industry for years and has passed degrees, certifications must know what he is doing.
Other than for the purpose of eliminating candidates I doubt if hardcore techincal interviews prove anything. To ask a person to list function of ThreadGroup class is just stupid.
19 years ago

Originally posted by J. Yan:

First, please do me a favor. Please don't compare yourself with Chinese. I always feel insulted when the word "Chinese" came out from Indian's mouth, even when you try to please us. I think most Chinese will feel the same way.
[ July 19, 2003: Message edited by: J. Yan ]

Really?? So you feel insulted when Chinese are compared with Indians? I fail to understand why. I feel like the camel would have felt in the story below.

An elephant asks a camel: " why are your breasts on your back ?"
" Well!" says the camel. "I think that's a strange question from somebody who's dick is on his face."
19 years ago

Originally posted by Ravish Kumar:

Itne Bum Maroonga Ke Agar Ek Bhi Nahi Phata Toh Dab Kar Mar Jayega

ha ha. i guess there are new ones every year. here are few sample threats common at AU:
"Marte marte bhoot bana denge"
(i will beat you until you turn into a ghost)
"beta tum humko jaante nahi ho abhi"
(Son, you dont know me yet otherwise you would be wise enough to not mess with me)
"ruke rahna jana nahi abhi ate hain"
(dont do anywhere i will be back soon....with more and stronger people to kick your ass)
"maar maar ke bhoonsha bhar denge"
(i will beat until you are soft like a sack of hay)
19 years ago
Guys I was talking about those NRIs who have an attitude problem when they are visiting India. The ones who don�t miss an opportunity to display their "sophistication". When they are offered mithai they will say it has too much fat and sugar in it. As if eating one piece would make them obese and as if they don�t load their plates with extra food when they
I am not saying it is wrong to complain or express your _genuine_ concerns and feelings.
Yes giving bribe is something that I really dislike. There was one occasion when I was asked for extra money to get something done. i simply refused because it was not of extreme importance. I got it done the right way. With the private sector becoming stronger things have started moving a lot faster in India these days. Where is the need to pay bribe for a phone connection when there are mobile (cell) phone companies competing with each other to sign you up (;-
19 years ago
Dilip I think you are right to a certain extent. Older NRis in general do tend to look down upon the newcomers. When they go to India they complain about traffic, bugs, polution and so on. I am not defending those people at all.
I would love to kick their asses.
But dont generalize. Not everyone is not like that.
Ravish, check out this movie "Haasil". Its shooting has been done in Allahabad. The dialogues are very allahabadi.
19 years ago
I have seen the tendency of some Indians to label any pro-western person as anti-India.
This is wrong. It is just that a person who lives in United States begins to see things from the American perspective. They are definitely not anti-India. It is true that there is a certain degree of self-interest in their views but that is true even for Indians living in India. Don�t tell me everyone in India votes for the best candidates or that politics in India is issue-based politics.
I attended one lecture at the Allahabad University where a senior Indian economist who lives in US said a few things critical of economic policies of India. One student got up while the economist was speaking and started arguing with him crudely!! There were a bunch of young people there who had very little understanding of how global economy works who clapped for that rash student. Even after the lecture kurta wearing krantikaris hounded this gentleman who simple kept smiling.
19 years ago
Are you telling me that they are going to Stop issuing H1 visas all together?
i can understand more controlled process, fewer visas but to completly stop it is overreacting IMHO.
Indian tech workers should prepare for bad times.
19 years ago
Indian Express is the best newspaper.
They are the ones who are talking about the real issues. Just two examples of their investigative journalism:-
- Exposed Petrol Pump Scam
- Exposed Bofors Scam
I wonder why they sell less than the big three (TOI, Hindustantimes, The Hindu). By far it is the best newspaper around. I guess because they are never popular with the ruling governments.
How come we always have Vajpayee inaugurating functions for The Times Group or Hindustan Times but never for Indian Express.
19 years ago
Sriram makes a good point that if India had sent troops to Iraq then US would have possibly given India huge projects in rebuilding Iraq. Now India cannot hope to get a piece of that pie.

But on the other hand it would have alienated Iraqi people.
They would see India aligned with the US and UK and that is not good. At the same time lets not forget that Arab nations may say all the right things diplomatically but they are no friends of India. After all a lot of Mumbai dons find shelter in Dubai. There are bunch of jihadis fighting in Kashmir who come from Arab nations thanks to ISI and Osama.
Indian troops would have learned something from US forces and it would be a good chance to do some networking. Look at Pakistan. It does everything that US says and yet every year it gets mostly Arab Islamic Council to pass anti India resolutions.
Morally speaking India did the right thing.
Practically speaking it was wrong decision.
19 years ago
That is a lot of money.
Somehow just thinking about it makes me happy.
19 years ago
I only visit newspaper websites. I used to read TOI when I was in India. Now I dont like Times of India and seldom go to its web site.
For news I go to
For masala news I go to
19 years ago

Originally posted by Michael Ernest:
Candor is no necessary extension of truth. By the same token, truth and tact are not mutually exclusive.

Well said and very true.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Eugene Kononov:
Amitabh Sharma: Honesty is overrated. I will do the sin of lying because I think no one is watching
Hmm, I've always believed the opposite, -- that honesty is underrated.

Those who are very honest are respected after they die. Those who are flexible with truth live more comfortable lives. Take your pick.
And I am not advocating dishonesty at all. I am advocating being a little flexible with the absolute truth.
For instance would you tell your present boss that you are looking for a job somewhere else even if you were doing so?
19 years ago

Originally posted by Ravish Kumar:

I think best apporoach will be to let son/daughter decide what is good for him/her.

I will do that when the child is old enough to really understand the difference. But before he reaches that age he believes in what I tell him
19 years ago