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Recent posts by Johnny Barbosa

Radi Hadzhiyski wrote:

at there is only:
Sun Certified Programmer for the Java 2 Platform, Standard Edition 6.0 (310-065) Jul 24 2009 P 91
below is only the assignment button, that I've used to download and later upload my project.
Hopefully the result will come soon (and hopefully i will pass )


Hi man.

I Think you have to look for link called "Test History". If the result got out, you will see a button called "<<Details".
My result got out about 10 days week.

But, almost everyone that passed in this exam, lost point in GUI. Normally lost, nine or less point. Most cases, nine point!
One day, I want to understand where is the problem exactly.
10 years ago

Roberto Perillo wrote:Well... I'd say it is better to implement these rules in the business layer. If so, you can get the same .jar file tomorrow and use the classes in a web application without any problem. The thing is, this way, you have more reusability!


So, would be good you wrap your search parameters inside of one object like pattern "Value Object", and transfer it between the layers. This way, It will help validate all parameters in any layer, any time.
My Data class was not a singleton, but only my DataBlocking class.
I think about Data class, as DB connection point. So, each client must have your own instance of connection.

Preeti Yarla wrote:2. This exam is very expensive and I am wondering if Sun offers any discounts on these vouchers any time of the year? Or any discounts for unemployed...?

Hi guy!
First of all, you need to think yourself about, if you truly need this certified? If the answer was "yes", so, this certified is not expensive. Only what you going to learn with it, is more important, than any other thing.
Hi guy!
"Database" refer to your x.db file. Your DBMAin Interface, is only the main access to the DB.

Shahriar Husain wrote:Is it correct to instantiate the Data Access Class from the Server package and use it in the Standalone Client Mode for the data operations ?

Yes, no problem. It's up to you. Since than not use the networking... however, as you saw in others topics, do you have only explaining about your design choices.

Guy, as you just read your spec, so, try to understand all thing in your spec, first of all. Start to code something, and give you a chance learning about all thing that will show up during of the developing. You will see, that, will the hope overcame fear...

Harry Beck wrote:...outside the delete/update methods when implementing those methods in the Data class

It's up to you. You only have to explaining about your design choices, as you can see in other topics. I suggest only, that locking is not responsibility of your Data class. Your Data class must only to be the access point to database.

Roman Traze wrote:For now I have to re-submit and make new written test? If I have to spend another voucher?

Yes, you must to buy another voucher, but for your luck, it is cheaper. However, you not must to do another written test (assay exam), however, all things that you written in you assay exam, you must to keep, that is, by example, you not must to change your protocol network module as (RMI <==>Sockets).

Sorry man!

Victor Bucutea wrote:1. the DBMain interface is not fully implemented , as the void lock(int recNo) and the void unlock(int recNo) remain EMPTY. They have been replaced with with the void lock(int recNo,RoomMgmtService srvc) and void unlock(int recNo,RoomMgmtService srvc) .

It's better to use the Sun Interface as was given to you! All methods of the Sun Interface must be implemented and not empty! That is my opinion.
I did my facade to call my business object (repository pattern) which, call the sun methods, as they are (I not extended sun interface), and my repository interface process all the results coming from sun interface like necessary. So, if you use your own interface, you will be free to put only the methods that you need and your own names and parameters as you would like, without extends sun interface. Use the repository pattern!

... would it be considered ok by Sun...

Yes, since you explain all thing that you did in you choice file, anything is valid for sun, since also, that you conform with your specification correctly. So, do what you think correct and you will feel better at the end!
Hi people!

After 10 work days submitted my project, yesterday at 2009-11-08 18:06:47, I receive my report. I'm very happy has been passed in this certification! I'd like to thank you for your kind attention to answer my doubts directly by topics or by private messages. Thank you all, for your topics and posts in this site, in special, Roel De Nijs, Andriy Tsykholyas, Liviu Carausu, sohrab khan e Matheus Mendes that answered kindly my private messages about your experiences.
I read the Andrew Monkhouse's book (not all, but only some important chapters) which allow us got some ideas for start the development. Thanks Andrew for your book!

I was afraid, because, I submitted (upload) my project some days after I did my assay exam, because delay to send email for Sun to permit and authorize me to upload the final file. However, as Roel said to me, this fact no matter, if all thing was done in one or two weeks. That is correct! To do the upload before or after to assay exam no matter absolutely! The other thing that I was fearful is about my assay exam, because my poor English, as you can to see in this post. I thought that I had written either not much in each question and not much elucidated, but...

My project was Bodgitt and Scarper version 2.3.1, I used RMI for server, 4 layers (view, application, domain and data access), MVC, Observer/Observable pattern, wait/notifyAll to lock and some other patterns like Domain Model, Value Object, Repository, Facade and factory.

Below follow the report found in site: I believe, in the next days, should to appear also in site, because, today, not appeared yet.


This report shows the total points that could have been awarded in each section, and the actual number of points you were awarded. This is provided to give you per-section feedback on your strengths. The maximum possible score is 400; the minimum to pass is 320.

General Considerations (maximum = 100): 100
Documentation (maximum = 70): 70
O-O Design (maximum = 30): 30

GUI (maximum = 40): 31
Locking (maximum = 80): 80
Data store (maximum = 40): 40
Network server (maximum = 40): 40

I suspect I lost points on the GUI because I did a lot of things that wasn't necessary. I did many Menu, Menu Item, Tool Bar, Pop ups (right click) in table with some menu item that were in either Menu and Tool Bar, Menu Item disabled (new e delete record), Menu Item unnecessary like: About, Help (online and html) and some others things was done and were cut off in last hours before submit the project, at last, I conclude that I did a lot of functions in my GUI that was totally unnecessary. The other point in my GUI that I think was unnecessary is about the Observer/Observable pattern. In my server view for example, I developed a updating of information about logs coming to server unnecessarily. I should cut off this thing too! I not heard the ranchers that said: keep you GUI as simple as possible that is, do only the necessary to conform the specification!!!.

The important is, this certification is thing of the my past!
Now, let's go to SCBCD.

PS2: I'm going to try be more active in this forum to help other people too, but, if you have any doubt about SCJD, not hesitate to send me a MP.

10 years ago
Hi people!
I not knew about this problem to ask permission to do upload.
I send e-mail to sun asking this permission, today. However I schedule my exam test (part 2) for next Tuesday.
So, I'm fear that this permission not coming until Tuesday.

So, I'd like to know: If I take the exam first and submit the upload later, after taken the exam? Some problem if upload after to take the exam?
What do you think guys?

Roel De Nijs wrote:I used a javax.swing.text.DocumentFilter with a regex to check.

K. Tsang wrote:What I did was use a DocumentListener on the JTextField and use regex to check.

Both are very good. DocumentFilter is better. But, I think that is very sophisticated to this Sun system!
I would prefer something more simple. Like this:
Yes, I know that way, we can't prevent copy and past. But, this don't matter for a simple system.

Roel De Nijs wrote:Nothing is mentioned about creating or deleting records.

Ok. I agree with you in this point.
So, you think if to code these functionality(complete CRUD in the GUI) would be providing too much code for sun assessment?

I have ever did this CRUD in my project! I'm thinking to cut out away this functionality from my code. In my instructions also not say about DELETE and CREATE, but I implemented it too, because I think that way my project would remain better and more complete even though, that information wasn't cited clearly.

Roel De Nijs wrote:Making your gui capable of adding a new record and deleting an existing record are also unnecessary.

Why? Are sure about it? I think that it is necessary, because despite the sun specification not to say clearly, but your duty Interface have method to add and to delete record.

Yes, I agree with you that we must talk about rooms (or contractors)!