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Sony Agrawal

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Recent posts by Sony Agrawal

I am looking for a book help would help me identify the time and space complexity of an algorithm.. not for a in depth book
11 years ago
@Venkata Raaman : what is the name of the author that you are referring to ?
11 years ago
hi , i looking for a good book where i can START reading about the Analysis and Design of Algorithm. Please suggest.

I sure this is a wrong place to post this question. Did not know where to put this
11 years ago
Could you please tell me why wait() method should be called from a sync block/method.
Why cant it be just be called like join() i.e from a non synch block/method
I have never used or learn about spring framework. i only know jsp and servlet (read from HFSJ) . Now i am involved in a project that uses spring framwork.
I would like to learn about this framework by referring any book.
Would any one of you suggest me a good book ?
Is there a Head first for it?
11 years ago
I am new to web development.
I heard that by using some frameworks like struts we can build an application FASTER and Scalable.
I am not sure how does using a framework help in building an app faster.... Its may be because i have not used struts yet.
Can some one tell how is it? and why it is not possible by just using servlets and JSP?
Hope i am clear.
11 years ago
We dont have access to that service class.

User is restricted to give less than 20 charcters but its because of the encoding the string length is incresing. And encoding is must
11 years ago
I have the jsp which accepts the customers name.And this name is encoded when sent to the another service.The service checks the length of the name.If it exceeds more than 20 characters then it rejects the input.

Having said that, If the user enters any special charater like @ or $ or some thing else then the encoding processs will convert that single character in to 3 or 4 character long.So if the user enters say, 17 characters with couple of special characters then because of the encoding the length becomes more than 20 characters.

How to handle this situation. Hope i am clear.
11 years ago
Actually my friend showed wrote a script in the termal and it had for loop with ls , zrep with the search test ...
Can you tell me how to do that in that way...
It looked simple as the one you pointed out

12 years ago
I have a directory in which there are lots of logs(*.gz). I have to search for particular text in those logs.
I want to know how to write that script in the terminal.
I tried something but it does not seem to be correct syntax.

Could someone help me with this?
12 years ago
Is there a Head First STRUTS book ??
I searched for it but could not find . So i was wondering is there such a book??
If it is available please provide the link
Thank you
12 years ago
Yeah ...
the specification and implementation version is 1.2.9
12 years ago
I sorry to say that i dont know the version number !
How do i find out the version number of the framework?. I am using Eclipse Galileo
12 years ago
Hi i am trying to learn how the struts framework works? I have learnt the working of MVC model using the Head first book.
Actually , now i have joined a team which uses the struts framework.So could anyone suggest me a good book for understanding the basics of the struts framework.And look into their code and understand more
12 years ago