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Recent posts by kalle svensson

v is a timeless classic. i havent watched the new series except for a few clips on youtube. i still think its a little, little bit sad that they didnt took off from where the original series ended.
9 years ago
hi, ranchers!

is there a chat here on the JR besides the forum? i think that would be a cool thing any way.
9 years ago
I wonder how to get a JWindow to move across the screen in location after the user's mouse pointer.
When i use the method setLocation((MouseEvent).getX(), (MouseEvent).getY()) in an mousemotion adapter attched to the JWindow a
lot of flicker occurs on the screen. In the code above a JWindow appears and when the user clicks on the yes button then the text "good luck"
displays before the window is closed after a small delay.

The code below is written just for this post. How can i move the window without generating the flicker, what is the general solution for this problem?
I will be very much greatful for any help on this subject.
// kalle

9 years ago
hi, salooners!

I am just wondering how to go about creating a tool that extracts audio data from videoclips like mp4's using java. I have browsed through
the Java sound api to get some inspiration, and Google's part, but has no redeeming name. Is there anyone who is or has been involved in a similar project?
Any tip, links or enlightening hints will be very much appreciated.

9 years ago
hi, all ranchers!
My question is if there is any one here who can see what i am doing wrong with the current code sample. I have done this before but i cant
get it right this time. Is there anyone here that can help me to see what i am doing wrong? I would be very greatful for any hint or tip posted here.
My problem is that i must store values from a xml file in a array of String objects but i keep getting null values when i print out the array in
question. Here is my code so far.

Here is the beginning of the java code for the question in mind ...

And this is where i always get stuck. I keep getting null values in my contacts array when I am looping through it. I know there must be a lot of errors in my java code
but i am a complete rookie with so far only basic knowledges. I cant see why null values are stored in the contacts array? Can anyone explain what i am doing wrong and the origin of
the null values. Any hint or tip will be very much appreciated.
Great! I am a little wiser already i am using netbeans 6.7.1 it is king but it is a little bit sad that it doesnt provide a function for
exporting the java project files into a exe pack like it does in the jarish way. Thanks!
9 years ago
Hello, folks!

I want to create a windows-like executable file for my java project. i have heard that you can to do that using shell programming but i am a complete beginner on
that subject. My question is if there is anyone here that can help me solve my problem by providing me a link to an article on the subject in question or let me
know if there is a good software out there which you can download and bundle files in a java project into a windows executable type file?
Any tip or hint would be greatly appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance!
9 years ago
hello everyone! i have started to work with an app that store data about movies in xml files that data is then being displayed in swing components so far everything works fine
but the project always hangs when it comes to design. i want to use cardlayout controlled jpanels that handles all the input from the user about the current movie being added.
i dont like dialogs that pops up on the users screen i dont know why but i just do. does anyone have any suggestion on how to proceed with the layout? i have a form where the user
shall store info about the title, original title, length, categories, links, actors and so on.
9 years ago
hi, i always get troubles with tables. im not sure if i understand . but have you tried to set the setOpaque method to true in the jtable and in the cellrenderer and the same with the repaint method. im not sure i understand but it helped me once when i rendererd images on a jlabel. sorry if i have missed out something.
9 years ago
hi, again! thanks for all the previous tips and hints on how i should solve the problem i posted but i have finally got it to work
as i wanted it to. this is still only a basic code sample. forgive my bad english writing. please feel free to comment this code
or leave some feedback of any other kind.

the first codewrap is a simple xml-document and is saved in a file called rowdata.xml

and here is the java code. i havent commented the entire structure but i guess its obvious what i im saying anyway
it displays the data in the previous xml document in a DefaultTableModel using the addRow(Object[] obj) method thats what
i wanted it to do but i missed an error ive made in the xml syntax ...

9 years ago
hi! i need to display the data from an xml file in a DefaultTableModel using the addRow method. in my table there are three
columns named "symbol", "info" and "value", so i must create arrays of string objects from nodelists and insert them in the model with something like -
addRow(new Object[] { getSymbolData, getInfoData, getValueData } ); but im stuck and cant seem to get it right. if anyone can give me an example on
how this is done then it would be very much appreciated! im just a learner.
9 years ago
hi! this is my first post! where can i find a good article or tutorial about deploying db enabled apps and making
them work properly for the end user. im just a beginner.