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Recent posts by Neetha Kasuganti

If u scroll up you can find the resources(books/links) that i used. is a good place to get started with xml.
You can get good information from FAQs,javaranch XML links page and this thread
All the info you find there is very useful.
IBM resources:
IBM developerworks tutorials,
IBM developerworks XML - articles, columns and tips,
good article on xml tools
Good Luck with your prep.
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You have to include a corresponding namespace declaration in your stylesheet, binding it to a prefix of your choice. Then, in your match patterns, include that prefix.
try with this stylesheet:
<xsl:stylesheet xmlns:xsl=""
xmlns:j="" (prefix must be used in the namespace declaration)version="1.0">
<xsl:template match="/">
<xsl:apply-templates select="j:InstrumentMessageContainer" /> (all the elements that are accessed by the xsl processor must be prefixed)
<xsl:template match="j:InstrumentMessageContainer">
<InstrumentMessageContainer xmlns:xsi="{@xmlns:xsi}">
<xsl:apply-templates select="j: DataContainer"/>
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Thank You!! I'm not sure of the fee in Indian rupees. i'm guessing it's equivalent of $150.
check u can also ask whizlabs ppl, i'm sure they can help you.
Good luck
[ May 10, 2002: Message edited by: Neetha Kasuganti ]
Thank you guys!!!
prep time differs from person to person based on his/her daily schedule. according to me, if u have an overall idea of what XML is and how other technologies(XSL, XML-Schemas, DOM........) are related to it, 3-4 weeks(may be less) shud be enuff to prepare for the exam. again this depends upon how much time and effort u can put each day.
Make a list of all the topics u need to learn/revise and make a schedule according to it.
U can divide the study material into the following cat:
XML Syntax:inlcudes well formedness, naming rules, encoding ...etc - chaps 2&3 from prof xml cover these.
XML Validation/Information Modeling: includes DTD, entities,schemas, namespaces, XLinks, Xpointers
XML Processing:includes DOM, SAX
XML Rendering: includes xpath, xsl/xslt, css
Architecture and design & other: include Web Servies, Case Studies, xml security..

check this & this for good resources. i've provided some above.

the real exam was similar to the sample tests. i strongly recommend u to take all xml@whiz's sample tests, mock exams at javaranch and IBM 140 & 141 sample tests. it's always helpful if u take as many sample exams as u can.
good luck
[ May 07, 2002: Message edited by: Neetha Kasuganti ]
just ".." in the value-of stmt will do.
I passed the test with 70%(li'l disappointing though ), didn't do well in architecture and processing sections. I should have read some case studies and put some effort in reading the whole DOM API.
I thank the javaranchers and the guys maintaining this site, for the valuable information they provided. It helped a lot in my prep. I also thank whizlabs for providing the xml@whiz sample test engine.
Here's how i prepared:
i'd say Professional XML 2nd edition is a must for the prep.i read chaps 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 11.
- to get some idea about XML i started with w3school tutorials and IBM tutorials on XML and XML validation.
-XML schemas: Roger's tutorial(,
-DTDs: prof XML 2nd edition, all the three entity links/resources provided by Mapraputa Is.
-Xlinks and XPointers: XML Bible, Prof XML,
-XPath:, Prof XML
-XSLT: Roger's tutorial(, Norman Walsh's tutorial(@,,
-Web services:
-DOM Professional XML
-other: IBM developerworks articles, tutorials....and referred the specs once in a while.
-took all whiz's and IBM's sample tests.
Good luck to all test takers.
[ May 07, 2002: Message edited by: Neetha Kasuganti ]
<xsl:stylesheet> is not a PI, it's the root element of the xsl stylesheet.
<?xml-stylesheet type="text/xsl" href=""?>
is a PI.
Thank you! guys.
I couldn't find the explanation anywhere in the well-formedness section at the URL you referred . I may not have interpreted it's presence .
I'd appreciate if one of you could give me the exact section number where it is said this nesting is possible.
Thanks again.
In a well-formed XML document, can an element be it's own child?
Ex: Is the following xml-data well-formed?
Thank You
No. We cannot specify any particular order for attributes.
16. Which one of the following XML content models is NOT allowed?
A. <!element Customer (Name, Ship-to-address?, Bill-to-address?)>
B. <!element Customer ((Name, Ship-to-address) | (Name, Bill-to-address))>
C. <!element Customer (Name, (Ship-to-address | Bill-to-address)?)>
D. <!element Customer (Name, (Ship-to-address, Bill-to-address)?)>
The answer is B. Someone please explain why it is B?
9. Which of the following is LEAST useful in identifying structural relationships in documents?
A. Font size and style
B. Indentation
C. Contentv
D. Numbering
Can anyone tell what contentv is?
Roger's XSLT tutorial at is also good.
I tried it using IE5.5, it worked.
To use IE5.5 for styling xml documents you must install Microsoft XSL plug-in (MSXML3.0). The following are the instructions to set up MSXML3.0
The following instructions are from Roger's xsl tutorial at
Download xmlinst.exe from
Double click on the downloaded file. This will result in extracting some files.
Open a DOS window. Change directory to where you placed the extracted files. Set the path
environment variable to include the directory where regsvr32.exe is located (on Windows 98 it is
on c:\windows\system, on WIN2000 it is C:\WINNT\system32) Then type the following commands:
regsvr32 msxml3.dll
IE is ready to use for transforming XML documents

Note: There's a new version of XML parser MSXML4.0. I had problems setting it up, so I am using MSXML3.0. It'd be great if someone could tell me how to install and use MSXML4.0 for transforming XML docs.
6. When Processing Instructions are a part of your parsing process, DOM should be used, since SAX cannot be used to detect a Processing Instruction in a document.
The author gave the answer as a. I think the answer is b, because there is a method processingInstruction() in ContentHandler interface to detect a Processing Instruction in a document.
Can anyone tell why it's a?