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Recent posts by Filipe Pinheiro

Thank you all guys for a design patterns' online class room.
Hello folks,

I took the exame SCJP 6.0 and got 91% of score.

A lot of exame's questions was about Thread and Generics.

My preparation include: Head First Java and SCJP 6.0 books, Author: Kathy Sierra and Bert Bates. After reading those books i took a lot of exam simulator, but ExamLab was the only one that gave me a solid Java knowlegment. I never scored higher than 63%. I would say that if you got around 60% in ExamLab, certainly you will get around 90% in real exam. Amazing tool. Thank you Devaka Cooray

I would like to thank god, for blessing me and JavaRanch, for the forum where i could post doubts and receive answers.

Next target: SCWCD

Filipe Pinheiro - Brazil
7 years ago
Hello folks,

I have not understood why the following statement doesn't generate a compile warning:

But, this does:

Looking foward an answer,

Take a look at this peace of code, actually i haven't tried it yet, but i think it might help you.

When the notify() is called, the method run() within the object thread "MyThread" reaches the end. So, "MyThread" object is dead, for this reason you can't anymore "wait()" for its methods. You have to review your code logic.
Which part of the code Have you been confused about?

What's the relation between the Sun losing and the future of Java?

I would like to see more opinions about it!

8 years ago
You should either declare or manipulate it inside of the caller method
8 years ago