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Recent posts by David Follow

Hi all,

I have a straight forward web application based on servlets.
The logic is located in servlets as well as the user interface rendering which is done using XSLT.

Due to new requirements I would like to utilize the Portlet API.
Now I am wondering if there is a good way to utilize the Portlet API without modifying too much of my Servlets.
I am thinking in the direction of maybe "wrapping" my servlets with some code that satisfies the Servlet API so i can deploy my application in a Portlet-Container such as Pluto and add new functionality to my application by simply providing new portlets over time.

Am I thinking in the right direction or am I missing something?

Any advice will be appreciated!

14 years ago
Hi all,

over time I have developed a web app (.war) with many servlets for the business logic and XSLT for rendering the UI.
I realized that over time this has become to large and lumpy and I came to the conclusion that a portal may be more future prove.

I have been looking into Apache Pluto2 and now I am wondering how can I make mit existing Servlet/XSLT based web app run in a portal?
Is there a way to run my stuff managed by a portal container? What modifications will I have to do to my servlets and/or XSTL templates?

Any ideas will be appriciated!
14 years ago
Hi all,

I am using a stateless EJB (EJB3).
Clients are working with this EJB (version A of the EJB).
Now I have new clients with more requirements for the EJB.
Therefore I have to modify or add new methods to the EJB (version B of the EJB).
However, version A of the EJB still needs to be available and deployt (in the same container) for the older clients.

What is the best way for versioning EJBs?
I don't want to change the package name of the EJB since it really should stay the same, only the implemention/methods alter.

Any ideas?
My best guess is to leave the full qualified name stable e.g. but modify the JNDI name such as and The clients would then make a lookup to the appropriate JNDI name.
This however brings up the questions if the same full qualified name can be deployt twice (in two different EARs within the same container) but only with different JNDI names.

Any better ideas?

Hi all,

yeah! I made it

After waiting almost 8 weeks I finally got my result today:
Status of Part II/III: Passed with 88%

Class Diagram (44 maximum) ....................... 36
Component Diagram (44 maximum) ................... 40
Sequence/Colloboration Diagrams (12 maximum) ..... 12

I don't know how I lost those 8 points on class diagrams.

I provided one class diagram, four component diagrams and five sequence diagrams. For SQDs I used UML2 while for the other diagrams I used UML1.4.

I also provided pretty detailed design decisions and business/technical assumptions using UML diagrams as well. The document had about 30 pages printed out.

Thanks a lot to all of you in this forum. I also used this forum for SCEA Part I and for my SCJP. You people rule!!!


where do I check for results? or

I am checking
as well as

I just send an email to my local Sun Ed. Rep. to find out what's going on.

I'll keep you people out there who are in the same situation informed...

Hi all,

about 5 weeks ago I took Part III and ever since I haven't heard back from Sun yet.
I keep checking on
Hope that is the right URL to check for exam results.

Does anybody know how long it takes these days to hear back from Sun?

Cheers, D.
How much time do we have to answer the questions?
There are not J2EE Pattern questions, but 2 (only!) questions on the GoF patterns.
Hi folks,

a couple of days ago I uploaded Part II and will take the written test in a few days.
I read here on the forum that Part III is easy and if you have done Part II by yourself it will be a walk in the park.
However, nobody really said what kind of questions will be asked (I am not asking to violate the rules by given away real exam questions).

Will it be questions on non-functional requirements?
Will it be questions on functional requirements?
Will it be questions as in Part I exam?
How many questions will be asked?
How much are we expected to write?

Any hints and pointers will be deeply appreciated!


thanks for the tip
by reducing the colors to 16 colors I can even get the GIFs much smaller.
I will convert all of my 10 images and we'll see if I stay under the limit which is appearantly 1MB - at least that's the information I got from SunCert.


2. Decrease color depth to 8 bit.
3. Save image as png (png compression is better than gif).

How do I decrease color depth in IrfanView to 8 bit and is png a graphics format that really every browser can render?


my solution is currently 2MB and there is no way to reduce it since I am using GIFs already. I have about 10 images and I would hate to through some out only because there is a limitation of the upload.

How can I split the assignment in two uploads?
The earlier post says, that you have only ONE upload

Hi all,

I am about to submit part II.
Can anybody tell me, how big the JAR file can be.
Right now my JAR file is a little over 2MB. Will that be OK for the upload or are there any limitations on the file size?
All my graphics are GIFs and therefore cannot be compressed any further.

TIA, Dave
I am using UML 1.4 for class and component and UML2 for sequence diagrams. Big advantages on SQD with UML2.