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My requirement is �

With this YES_NO option pane, I need to add one checkbox with message �Do not show this message again�. So that while selecting this checkbox, JOptionPane will not be displayed further.

Also let me know, if this possible then how to get the value of that checkbox.

Thanks in advance

I ran into the same problem and google took me here. Based on the solutions already here I wrote a class that can be used anywhere, just save it in the same folder or package with your own code. This is the Final and Absolute solution to the lack of a checkbox in JOptionPane :

import javax.swing.JCheckBox;
import javax.swing.JFrame;
import javax.swing.JOptionPane;

/*Provides a confirm dialog with a checkbox*/
public class JOptionPaneWithCheckbox extends JOptionPane{

/*In your own code, create a JCheckbox with the required text, eg
JCheckBox dontAskBox = new JCheckBox("Don't ask this again");
Then call this method like the ones in JOptionPane.
Parameter optionType is
for example YES_NO_CANCEL_OPTION as in JOptionPane.
Because the checkbox was created in your own code, you can check anytime
whether it is selected or not:
if (dontAskBox.isSelected()) {xxxxx}
or: boolean dontAsk = dontAskBox.isSelected();

public static int showConfirmDialogWithCheckBox(JCheckBox dontAskBox,
Object message,
String title,
int optionType) {

Object[] params = {message, dontAskBox};

int reply = showConfirmDialog (new JFrame(),

return reply;



12 years ago