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Thanks all of you for the messages,
Congrat to the winners!

Jothi Shankar Kumar wrote:A Pentaho BI Developer?? I'm looking for ways to achieve some kind of reporting and do you mean to say I can contribute and develop Pentaho BI? I did not quite understand it?

sorry, I didn't mean developing Pentaho software, but developig BI solutions (or simply some reports) using the Pentaho software.

Jothi Shankar Kumar wrote:What has BI got to do with Java? In this sense how can I use my existing knowledge in Java to learn BI concepts using Pentaho? Is there a Java based API that I could use for all my reporting needs?

Pentaho BI suite is completely developed using Java and related open standards. You can not use your existing knowledge in Java to learn BI concepts. What you certainly can is to use you existing knowledge in Java to become a Pentaho BI developer. Being a Java developer is not a requisite, but it might help really a lot for quite a bunch of task,

Tim Holloway wrote:Actually, if that's the "iReports" I'm thinking of, which is a GUI designer for Jasper Reports, it's not a case of "just like iReports". You'd actually use iReports. One of Pentaho's reporting engines is Jasper.

To be more precise, Pentaho has its own report engine, but the Pentaho BI server (through the use of Pentaho xactions) is ready to run Jasper or Birt reports.
Hi, Andrew.
Good to see you in this forum!
In my book I don't cover web services. My purpose when writing the book was to cover the basics and the most used PDI features. I didn't think that web services met any of those goals.
However the incoming more advanced Kettle book, Pentaho Kettle Solutions, is likely to cover them,
kind regards,
Both products can co-exist. The choice depends much on what you want to do or how do you get your reports, cubes, etc. delivered.
In particular, I was told that BO doesn't have an ETL tool (or at least a decent one). Whether it is true or not, don't hesitate to use PDI for your ETL or data integration requirements,
With the Pentaho reporting engine you can take data from many types of datasources (different DB engines, MDX, plain files, etc.), and create reports in many types of outputs included pdf files,
Hi, Pankaj

Pankaj Upadhyay wrote:Hi,

Well, it could be out of context but I would like to start from the basics. My question is how JPivot, Mondrian and Pentahouse is related?

I would love if you can just brief me about all of them and how they are related.


Mondrian is the OLAP engine included in the Pentaho BI suite.
JPivot is the library used so far for browsing the cubes. There are new tools being developed for this (
You could use Mondrian alone (not embedded in the suite) but Pentaho xactions make your life easier when you have to deploy your cubes.

Hi, Razvan

With regard to the first question, it's very specific and I don't think I'm the right person to give you a proper answer. I'd sugest you to post this in Pentaho forum

As to the second question, Pentaho reporting allows you to mix several sources: SQL (more than one DB at the same time), MDX, PDI, etc. In particular, PDI as a source multiply the available combinations, as it allows you to read data from other sources as well (Excel files, etc.)

I agree with Darren and Tim. Pentaho is well suited for companies of all sizes. In particular, Kettle has nothing to envy the commercial ETL tools. Kettle is perfect for ETL processes of all kinds and dimensions,
Hi, Henry. This is a very broad question. The answer can be summarized as "Pentaho is a great BI suite". You have several options to start with Pentaho, it all depends on your interests.
If you are interested in BI in general, you could start by reading Pentaho Solutions, one of the Pentaho books available.
If you are interested in learning an excellent tool for manipulating data, then Kettle / PDI is what you should learn. PDI is the Pentaho tool used for data manipulation, and is the main subject of my book,
Hi, Rob
If I understand well, you are having troubles trying to integrate your web application with Pentaho. I suggest you to post your doubts (with more detailed explanations of the errors) in the Pentaho BI Platform forum:
As Tim said, if you use the Pentaho BI platform you can use the embedded scheduler. But if we are talking about Kettle jobs or transformations, the usual is to use the Windows scheduler or a cron (depending on your system),
I think the learning curve of Pentaho in general and Kettle in particular depends on:
- your previous experience with BI tools
- the resources you have handy.
With regard to the first item, nothing can be done to accelerate the process. But with regard to the resources, if you browse the wiki, buy some Pentaho books, and look for help and advice in the quite active Pentaho forum, you will be able to learn the basics in no time.
I'm not very experienced in the use of other ETL tools. What I can assure you is that PDI (aka Kettle) will meet all your expectations. I've been used it for more than 3 years in different kinds of project (both DW and non DW related) and the tool was always capable of doing what I needed to do,