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Recent posts by Lancy Mendonca

I have a lot about XML and how it can be used in integrating diverse application like a ASP application speaking to a Java appication via XML
The concrete example I have an existing Web application written using Oracle App Server. I need to separate the presentation layer and code it within ASP and still communicate with Oracle App Server for business layer and data layer. I have assumed that XML can assist me in solving my problem.
What I am after is some links, egs, experiences, any info as to how I can use simple XML not SOAP to integrate two diverse applications.
I am currently involved in a migration project, migrating an existing web application based on ASP, Oracle workflow and various RDBMS to the J2EE architecture.
- What is the best way to phase this application.
I have decided to sort the backend integrated by developing a middleware talking to Workflow and RDBMS and then convert the Client. Any comments?
If the above is the right way to go has anybody done work in integrating a ASP Client with a J2ee middleware
Thanks in advance
Thanks to everyone who have shared thier thoughts and views in this thread. However the last few threads have got me more confused rather than clear.
From the discussion I gather that Larman and Martin Fowler have written good books on UML. However the number of resources available for OOPS is simply mind boggling.
I guess I was looking at Steps to move from developer to designer in 12 months. I am sure most of you have walked this path and I would be glad if you share your experiences. Using this thread of discussion I plan to make a plan for myself to meet the goal of being a designer.
Once again a big Thank You to all who have participated
I would also go for option D. It is difficult to understand why an additional class 'Physical Products'is required when 'Inventory Products' can do the job. The way I understand 'Inventory Products' is a software class for the products sold by estore and hence should be the class with the responsibility for determining if it is damaged and hold size and color attributes
I have been following this discussion with a lot of interest as I am trying to get to grips with OOAD.
I think Sandeep has raised a valid point,however I fail to understand how the option A will cater to the fact that different inventory products could have different reorder levels and reorder amounts governed by the demand and supply rules. As I understand that option A requires Inventory to maintain reorder levels and reorder quantity.
I feel it depends on the requirements. Option A if all the inventory products are governed by a single reorder level and reorder amt else option D
Thanks guys for your quick reply. I guess in addition to all these resources I will keep coming back to Java ranch for all my confusions and queries.
PS Crossing my fingers in the hope that I manage to win the giveaway book
I was quite impressed by the discussion on UML and OOAD. However the discussion currently focusses on the IBM exam. I would have very much liked a much broader discussion where people would share real life design issues and solutions.
Having stated that I am turning to this group for a bit of counselling. I am a software engineer with 7 years experience in non Java related fields. Have developed a recent interest in Java and have passed my SCJP2. I wish to gain experience in the field of OOAD and hence my interest in this forum. So friends what do U reckon is the way forward?
My goal is to be relatively comfortable in the field of OOAD in 8 - 12 months time. This would include analysis, design and effort estimation
Any help is greatly appreciated
Most important keep up the good work
The J2EE blue prints on the java site along with the pet store example are a great introduction to J2EE technology and how to design an application. Before converting an application read through this material and it will give you tons of insight.
All the best
I am a newbie in this forum. Heard about XP whilst going through some javaworld articles. Wanted to know some more about it. Can the veterans and the commandos out there point me in the right direction.
Also would appreciate feedback on the folks who have used XP. What do they feel about it.
Also is there a hands on book for XP
Many Thansk
Hi Raul
Thanks for the reply. The site mentioned in your reply is a paid site. Are there any free rseources available. They may not be whole source codes. Just pointers would be very helpful
Can someone pls point me to resources showing how to access EJB using COM clients like Visual Basic. I use Sybase EA server
Many Thanks in advance
I am trying to get the Java Pet Store application to run on Sybase EA Server. Though I have followed the instructions to set up the application, I still get the following error mesage
Exception: javax.naming.NamingException: NamingContext.NotFound
Appreciate if anyone can throw any light on this issue
I have been noticing several folks on this forum wanting to do a shopping cart. I found a very good shopping cart application with source code at
It is written using the Model 2 architecture. It could be a good learning experience to enhance this application.
23 years ago
Over the past few weeks I have been trying to develop a shopping cart appl. using the MVC architecture and using Servlets, JSP and beans. My confusion stems from the fact when do I use normal Java classes and when do I use Java Beans.
For example I have written a Java Bean called Shopping Cart and used it in my JSP to display items in my cart using jsp:usebean. I could have achieved the same using a normal Java class called shopping cart and writing a scriplet in my JSP as follows:
ShoppingCart sc = new ShoppingCart();

Do let me know the pros and cons of the above two methods and when would I choose one over the other
23 years ago
The J2EE provides the server side component framework. You still require JDK which can be obtained from downloading J2SE.