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Recent posts by Nidhi Sar

D Hagy wrote:I tried to make it with thread, but with the thread I can't change it. Now I tried to make a handler but it's not good either.

Here is the original thread code:

I hope you can understand what I want to do, sorry I'm not perfect english If you can, please give me an alternative code for this. It's very annoying, that only this is what I need for my program, but I can't do this. Sorry if this question, is so easy or something but I'm a beginner programmer.

I didn't actually try it, but when you say " but with the thread I can't change it", I'm assuming that you are getting a CalledFromWrongTreadException (you can see the exception in the LogCat).
The line radar.setImageResource(R.drawable.radar_full); and other two need to run on the UI thread, so replace this single line with the following block - the other two would need to be changed too :

12 years ago
I always thought that the SIM card contains the MSISDN (Mobile Station ISDN number), i.e. full phone number of the phone. But on some searching on the net I found out that it may or may not. I'm a little confused about this & will really appreciate if some one knows this.

This is a very elementary question, but essentially what is the purpose of a detachable SIM & what does taking it out of one phone & putting in another achieve?

12 years ago

Satya Komatineni wrote:
Just to humor, I don't take any certifications because I am quie afraid I will fail in most of them.

It's not just with the job market in mind... but in my experience, studying with a certification in mind helps fill up the gaps in knowledge which come from learning just on-the-job.... where one ends up knowing deeply about certain aspects of platform - required for that project & little about others. Also, it would help hiring manager make a more informed decision.

Yes, I do have an app in market. Some good, some bad comments (to be honest bad ones are justified , I just haven't had time to go back & release version 2).

Hoping Google comes up with an Android certification program...
12 years ago
Does Google have any plans to have Android certification a la Oracle Java certification? Or are there any other reputable ones?

12 years ago
Hi Satya & Dave,

As an Android developer, one of the most frustrating task I have found has been UI development. Even a slightly complex screen becomes a spaghetti code of Linear Layouts & Relative layouts with hardcoded values for height, width, margins. My iOS colleagues scoff at my efforts. Overheard on a Skype conversation between two opinionated iOS programmers "They have to design screens manually through XML? No wonder Android apps look so <expletive>" - true story!

So my question is - do you know of any good UI development tools for Android? Do you have any tips & does your book cover this?


12 years ago

Brian Wong wrote:So in an actual Android phone, whicj directory will this txt file be at?

As Dave said, it is device dependent.
On my Atrix & Driod it would be /data/data/com.example.creatingfile/files

12 years ago
Almost all the UI development on Android I've done has been changing XML files manually. This can get pretty limiting quickly. The graphical view seems to be broken except for the most basic UI because what shows up on the device/emulator is different from what shows up there.

Has anyone here used good tools out there to make UI development in Android less of a pain?

12 years ago

Silviu Stelian wrote:
And here is where I got stuck as I have no idea where to begin doing it.

Can you show the code you have so far & what is the error/logic problem you are getting? That might be helpful in answering the question

12 years ago

Your online tutorial video on NDK was a life-saver for me! Thanks for posting it.

Welcome to JR!

- Nidhi

12 years ago
Many enterprise applications need to have a way to generate reports (normal running of app, not error), that the enterprise-user can view later.

In Android applications, what is the best strategy to generate reports that can be viewed later by user?

Wonder if anyone has seen any good third-party tools on this.
12 years ago

Joe Ess wrote:

The source code for the other versions of Android are available. Sounds like "open source" to me. I think it's a little early to blow the whistle on Honeycomb.


Also, from an article in Information Week ,
"The disconnect is that open source idealists view "open" as a binary concept -- software is either open or not. Google has, for better or worse, adopted a more nuanced definition in order to manage the complex Android ecosystem and to protect its own interests"...
12 years ago
How about a decent tool for designing screens?

Trying to design even reasonably good looking screen is such a pain using the 'Graphical Layout' tab of the screens (I use Eclipse). Why can't it be simpler? I can't believe I'm praising Microsoft, but designing Visual Basic screens using Visual Studio is *SO* much simpler. Just drag & drop widgets - radio buttons, text boxes & so on - where-ever you want.

For Android screens you have to mess around with Linear Layouts & Relative Layouts & "this view is to the left of that" & "padding above" & embedding one layout within another & so on. I think the productivity of developers on Android would go astronomically higher if there were a better design tool.
12 years ago
The description of the book "Practical Android Projects" mentions that it is for people new to Android Programming. How about people who've done some of it?

I don't want to re-read the basics (Google's online developer guide is pretty good on that), but I'd like to read a book that can expand horizons, say do project on developing a mobile app using REST services and so on. Is this book for intended for more experienced audience - say with a couple of years on Android programming?
12 years ago
Permissions, Permissions, Permissions....

Can't tell you how many times I've been bitten by it. If you are lucky the logcat will give you the reason, but more often than not, code would simple fail without the right permissions in the manifest file.
12 years ago