Last week, we had the author of TDD for a Shopping Website LiveProject. Friday at 11am Ranch time, Steven Solomon will be hosting a live TDD session just for us. See for the agenda and registration link
Last week, we had the author of TDD for a Shopping Website LiveProject. Friday at 11am Ranch time, Steven Solomon will be hosting a live TDD session just for us. See for the agenda and registration link

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I think u should go thru some case studies and try to practically using uml in some of your projects.
That way u will understand where u lack. UML examination is not about syntaxes its about understanding processes, uml and ooad concepts.
The best thing is to go thru case studies and also try to include it into your project.
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thanks Please let me know if u need any help
I just cleared IBM 486 examination.
Thanks to Ram and this and objectsbydesign forum for the help.
I felt the questions asked were more practical. They were somewhat similar to Mock exmaination.
My recommendations:
Go thru UML Distilled and Applying UML and Patterns book.
Prepare your own notes.
Go thru several case studies and lay more emphasis on identification of proper classes, interaction diagrams and architecture and above all requirement analysis.
Thanks to all again
I think the best way to know about is to go thru either larman or go to Rational website and check for RUP process.
You will get all the artifacts and the compelet table regarding that.
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Thanks Malay that was really helpful.
IO think there is some confusion. It is specified in Larman check page P66 3rd para that Customer is not an actor but cashier is b'cose it tis the casheir who directly interacts with the system boundry not the customer. If it would have been organization then surely customer would have been an actor but here the system boundry is Pos.
Also check Pg. 121 -- system Sequence diagram
"Customer is not a grneerator of system events only cashier is:.
During implementation, the development team decides to use a third
party utility to provide some of the required functionality. What OOAD
artifact would MOST likely reflect this change?
a) Activity diagram
b) Package diagram
c) State diagram
d) Interaction diagram
Single Select - Please select the best answer (one and only one choice
must be selected).
Answer is B
Why not Interaction diagrams?
Can anyone explain it to me
Package and Component disagram can implemnt interface.
Singleton is used when we want to create only one instance of an object. Such as in case of SessionManager where there should be only one instance which stores various session objects.
Synchornized keyword is used when there are simultaneously many requests are there to an object and instead of have deadlock or something the request should be handled one at a time. In a synchronization when the first request is called lock is made on the object and other request have to wait till the process gets finished.
So in singleton classes all the public methods are synchronized so that one request at a time is handled.
Please correct me if i m wrong.
What is Specification and Conceptual perspective class diagrams? What is the difference between the two?
When creating a subclass, which of the following are TRUE?
a) The selected superclass should be chosen because it has some
methods the subclass can reuse, even if others do not apply.
b) The class name should normally be a qualification of its
superclass' name.
c) The subclass should be of the same type as all of its
d) The superclass should be marked as abstract.
Multiple Select - Please select all of the correct answers (this
question has 2 correct choices).
b, c
Can anyone explain me statement (b)
What is the difference between Iterative and Incrmental Development?
What is the diff between Sequence Diagram, Collaboration diagram , State Diagram and Activity Diagram