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Recent posts by michael white

it sounds like your WYSIWYG editor is stripping out the iframe tags.

try to find out if there is a way to create a user without the WYSIWYG editor so you can enter straight code via that user without it being stripped out.

Im not that familiar with word press as I use joomla mostly, and that what was happening for me.

1. Is there a way to turn off the editor?
2. Is there a way to create a user that has no editor
3. Is there away to assign certain tags that are allowed by the editor.

11 years ago
its just a web site.

theres a WEB-INF directory with.....

ahh, I just found it, JOY, its a Init.java file and has all the database info!! I guess that means that this info is in .class file some then...

Thanks for the reply's folks!!
11 years ago
Hi Folks

I am trying to migrate and old .jsp site to a new server.

I'm wondering if there is a usual of defaul place where databse user and passwords are kept when setting up a site in jsp.

For example, one of the apps I am porting over has a .properties file, this has the user and pass for a database it talks to.

Is it standard to have one file that holds the database user info? Or could it be in .class file somewhere?

Anytips or hints would be appreciated.

I realize its a random question, and proably un answerable, but if anyone could just say "did you look in....." that would be great
11 years ago
If you need to have content served from you JSP site inside you wordpress page you can use an I frame as a work around, just make sure all your outbound links on the jsp page use about_blank in the href tags, this will prevent people from going to another site while in your wordpress wrapper.
11 years ago
so I got it working...

im so bloody confused about JREs and JDKs

I installed

C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_18

C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6

but C:\Program Files\Java\
C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_18
C:\Program Files\Java\jre6

I followed the instructions at http://www.advancedwebstats.com/user-guide/html/en/ch05.html

I have to say that it seems confusing to me, like Im not sure where to start.

I would be cool if there was a noob tutorial on apache.org from beginning to end explaining how to set the JAVA_HOME path prior to installing tomcat.

thanks folks!!

11 years ago
Hi Folks

I'm having problems with getting tomcat to run. The strange thing is that I was running fine on this machine.

I had a set of files in the ROOT folder and the site was working fine at localhost:8080

I stopped the service and replaced the site in ROOT with a completely different site. I restarted tomcat and each time I browsed to http://localhost:8080/index.jsp it redirected to http://localhost:8080/find_a_contractor (this is what the previous site was supposed to do.)

I could not figure out what this was happening so I thought I would just uninstall tomcat and re install it. Now I get the error "Windows cannot start the apache tomcat 6 on Local Computer" each time I try to start the service.

I have searched endlessly on forums and google to try to find reason this might be happening, I have tried many different things suggested on different threads.

I have tried different versions of tomcat.


I have tried combining different versions of JRE with tomcat.

I have tried re installing my whole OS and still get the same result on the fresh install.

I am running vista 64 bit on a x86 box, with an Intel Core I5 CPU 4 GB

When I run the installer it wants to install to
C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0

Should it be
C:\Program Files (x86)\Apache Software Foundation\Tomcat 6.0 ???

I don't have an error log right now as I uninstalled it again and re tried installing it and now I get

the error log with this says

UAC is switched off.

Any tips of recommendations would be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance!

11 years ago

so should I just cut and paste those lines into the top of the script?
11 years ago
thanks for the answer...

And what should I change in the log in script? my .profile file looks like this

Can I add this path to the scripts to set the path inside each script? I guess webmin is running the script without logging into ssh. It logs in via ftp.

Webmin is an open source server management tool, it provides a GUI so you can do much of your server administration via the GUI as opposed to command line.

In this case its really helpful because we have an online tool that syncs with a database, some of our sales staff need to run the sync on demand so instead of logging into SSH which would be quite overwhelming for a "non techie"
they just log into webmin under a specific account that only has access to one module and they run the script with a few clicks.
11 years ago
Hi Folks

I have a script that runs 3 other scripts. I did not write them, I just run them, the first looks like

when I log into bash I can run the script with the command

But I need this command to be able to be run from the webmin interface.

I had this running fine on another server and it all worked from bash and from webmin.

When I run it from webmin I get the error

this is on a manged hosting account and when I contacted support they said

Can anyone shed any light on what this means? I dont know where to add the "PATH environment variable."

the syncAll.sh script runs another script called /AwardsTrainingsListSync.sh it looks like this

I realize this is a random question and Im not sure where to post it,

My questions are
1. Does the information given to me by my tech support sound correct?
2. If so where do I change the "PATH environment variable"

Thanks in advance!
11 years ago
ok, thanks SO MUCH for all your input!!

You would not believe the problem, all the code was fine, it was a net beans issue, it was not able to delete the activation.jar file on clean and build, so it was not cleaning at build.

so my new code never made it into the .war file, that meant each time i ran the project I was looking at an old version of the page, hence my inablilty to debug, changes where not being included.

DAMM, so silly, also infuriating. Lesson learned though.

thanks folks!!!
Hi, I have been searching non stop for info on how to get it working.

I don't know how to debug it, that's why I'm asking for help. I'm really stumped.

I use firebug all the time for CSS and HTML but I dont get how to debug the script with firebug.

I am doing everything I can to try to find the answer, but all the info I find on pop ups says to use java script and since I'm not familiar with jsp I don't know where to add the javascript into this project, there are about 30 .js files in the js folder and I don't know how to set that up. Or where to start....

The questions are.
Is it possible to make this pop up work purely on that one line of code?
If so what code would work?
Does any one have a pop up working on a jsp site that's not using javascript? (for pop up) If so could you paste that line so I can reverse engineer?
Hi Folks, I know html, css and some php and I have been asked to edit this site. www.concreteexchange.com
The site is running on a Tomcat server.

I have it set up as a project in netbeans and it compiles and runs on localhost fine. I had this pop up working before,
then some computer issues caused me to loose that NB project so I re built it form the old files, now when I run the site
on my localhost the pop up wont work anymore, it just acts as a normal link.

the button in question is here

this is the line of code in the wrapper, [wrapping artificial to keep window a reasonable size]

Is there any reason why this line of code would not work as a pop up?

Do I need the java script pop up code somewhere?

If I was to use java script code where would I put and how would I get the wrapper to use it?

Thanks in advance

Hi Folks

thanks for the tips.

Its not my code, I was just asked to add something.

Thanks for your time and effort in helping a noob.