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Recent posts by Ray Marsh

Originally posted by Warren Dew:
By the way, the numbers do not bear you out with respect to acceleration ramps anywhere I've lived. In particular, the right hand expressway lanes in both the Washington DC area and in Boston are greatly underused because people don't want to be slowed down by merging automobiles, which often fail to reach the speed of traffic by the end of the ramp.

That's is mostly due to the fact that many people do not know how to drive. They are either too tentative or too aggressive and they do not have good driving habits. It is not irresponsible or reckless to accelerate rapidly to merge onto a highway. It is the proper and safe way to do it. They also bungle up the off-ramps. It is extremely dangerous to decelerate to 30mph on an interstate before moving onto the off-ramp, but I have had the mis-fortune of being behind someone who did that.

Then there are the people that... See what you've gone and done?
[ December 22, 2004: Message edited by: Ray Marsh ]
19 years ago
This is why I don't gamble. Who would've thunk it?

Monday Night Madness
19 years ago

Originally posted by Jason Menard:
...It's also worth noting that Corey Dillon was out injured in that game.

That's who I was thinking of. The next game will be much more important. I think the AFC will be very interesting to watch in the play-offs. It would be too ironic an NFC team won the super-bowl with all the power-house teams in the AFC, this year.
19 years ago
The Steelers beat the Pats, but that may work against them. The Pats had a critical injury when they played the Steelers. I forget exactly who it was now. That loss didn't slow the Pats down a bit. They continue to crush thier competition. Then there's the payback factor. The next time they meet, I give NE the edge. It will be a game to watch, if it happens, for sure.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Paul Sturrock:
You can legally modify your engine this way in the UK.

I saw a Honda R6 the other day which had nitro tanks on the back. For those of you who don't know what an R6 is, its a motorcycle.

Wow, a screaming nitrous crotch rocket! I think I'd prefer to watch someone else ride that!
19 years ago

Originally posted by David O'Meara:
Postscript: We did some calculations years ago and worked out my old Ford Laser was a few inches too small for the spare V8 engine a friend had sitting around. That would have been silly. Fun, but silly.

Yes, but did your calculations include the use of a cutting torch!

I've often dreamed of building a dragster and racing it. Two things stand in the way... time and money. Silly... yeah... but fun!
19 years ago
Those well stated reasons and others (like the price of gas) are why I would rather own a 65 Mustang convertible with a staight six. I'd take it out on sunny days (1 of the 50 or so we get per year in Rochester, NY), wipe it with a cloth diaper and drive it ever so carefully up and down the road. I'd take it to picnics and ball games where my friends could admire it and then put it safely back in its box at night. Maybe being 41 and not 17 has something to do with my change is perspective. Don't get me wrong... I still get a thrill out of hearing a big block growl. I just don't have as big a desire to won one anymore.
19 years ago
I didn't know Brett Favre's wife had cancer. That's too bad. Whenever he retires he will be go out as one of the best that played the game.

There are no "givens" in football, that's for sure. The phrase "On any given Sunday" says it all.

I'm wondering if we'll have a team with a losing record in the playoffs this year. Even though it will be a first, I hope it doesn't happen.

My Bills still have a chance. They will have to beat Pittsburgh the last game of the regular season. That is not as improbable as it sounded a few weeks ago. And even if they do win out, they still may not go. 10 and 6 is no where close to a guarantee in the AFC this year.
19 years ago
Nitrous Oxide NO2 provides copious amounts of oxygen to the engine. What you don't see is the blown head gaskets, burned out piston rings and valves. Nitrous makes the combustion very hot, an unfortunate side effect that causes a huge increase in engine maintenance. Only in the movies can you kick in the nitrous any time you want for insane bursts of speed. In F&F-2 it looked like a space ship making the jump to light speed... ridiculous.

A turbo charger is a device that is powered by the engines exhaust. The exhaust turns turbines that are connected to another turbine or fan that draws in air to the engine. A blower (those big things that you see sticking out of the hoods of some hot-rods) are powered by the crank-shaft and also draw (force) air into the engine. The same idea, just a different source of power to move the air.

A turbo-charger on a standard engine can work. Ideally you would change the pistons to a lower compression ratio to maximize the power output, but a bolt on charger should produce a good deal more power. Heat can be a problem too. When you start generating more power, you generate more heat too.

The bottom line is building a hotrod can be fun, but it is expensive and there is a lot more to it than you may know.
19 years ago
There are three dominant teams in the AFC: The Colts, the Patriots and the Steelers. The class of the NFC is obviously Philly. Who will they play in the NFC title game?
19 years ago
The Spider and the Fly

This poem was written by Mary Howitt

"Will you walk into my parlor?" said the spider to the fly;
"'Tis the prettiest little parlor that ever you may spy.
The way into my parlor is up a winding stair,
And I have many curious things to show when you are there."
"Oh no, no," said the little fly; "to ask me is in vain,
For who goes up your winding stair can ne'er come down again."
"I'm sure you must be weary, dear, with soaring up so high.
Well you rest upon my little bed?" said the spider to the fly.
"There are pretty curtains drawn around; the sheets are fine and thin,
And if you like to rest a while, I'll snugly tuck you in!"
"Oh no, no," said the little fly, "for I've often heard it said,
They never, never wake again who sleep upon your bed!"

Said the cunning spider to the fly: "Dear friend, what can I do
To prove the warm affection I've always felt for you?
I have within my pantry good store of all that's nice;
I'm sure you're very welcome - will you please to take a slice?
"Oh no, no," said the little fly; "kind sir, that cannot be:
I've heard what's in your pantry, and I do not wish to see!"

"Sweet creature!" said the spider, "you're witty and you're wise;
How handsome are your gauzy wings; how brilliant are your eyes!
I have a little looking-glass upon my parlor shelf;
If you'd step in one moment, dear, you shall behold yourself."
"I thank you, gentle sir," she said, "for what you're pleased to say,
And, bidding you good morning now, I'll call another day."

The spider turned him round about, and went into his den,
For well he knew the silly fly would soon come back again:
So he wove a subtle web in a little corner sly,
And set his table ready to dine upon the fly;
Then came out to his door again and merrily did sing:
"Come hither, hither, pretty fly, with pearl and silver wing;
Your robes are green and purple; there's a crest upon your head;
Your eyes are like diamond bright, but mine are dull as lead!"

Alas, alas! how very soon this silly little fly,
Hearing his wily, flattering words, came slowly flitting by;
With buzzing wings she hung aloft, then near and nearer grew,
Thinking only of her brilliant eyes and green and purple hue,
Thinking only of her crested head. Poor, foolish thing! at last
Up jumped the cunning spider, and fiercely held her fast;
He dragged her up his winding stair, into the dismal den -
Within his little parlor - but she ne'er came out again!

And now, dear little children, who may this story read,
To idle, silly flattering words I pray you ne'er give heed;
Unto an evil counselor close heart and ear and eye,
And take a lesson from this tale of the spider and the fly.
19 years ago

Originally posted by John Smith:
What do you do after conquering the known world?

Same thing you do after mowing the lawn. Sit down and have a beer.
19 years ago
The AFC is so much more dominant than the NFC, this year, that it may be possible for a an NFC team with a losing record to make the play-offs. It will be the first time ever. There have been a few 8-8 teams make it. They all lost in the first round. In the NFC a 10-6 record is practically a lock, 9-7 stands a good chance. In the AFC there will be a few 10-6 teams watching the play-offs on TV.

What happened to the mighty NFC? Is the draft that big a factor or is this just the ebb and flow of talent and dominance?
19 years ago
Ben has had a great year. Cower simplified the offense to accommodate the rookie QB. The Steeler's line is solid, fantastic in fact. The running game is solid, the receivers are good. The whole team is very well rounded. He is benefiting from playing for a good team. Would he be 9-0 if he played for the Giants? No way. Is he good? Yes, the solid team around him is allowing him to play well and he has the skills.

Eli plays for a mediocre team that has a lousy offensive line. However, he is not passing well, even when he has time. He has happy feet and a jittery uneasy style on the field. He demonstrates no confidence or leadership. Does he stink? So far he has. Does he have talent? Yes, he was a top rated QB in college. Perhaps a bit over-rated due to his last name, but still very good. The bottom line is, he's not ready for prime-time. Most rookie QBs are not. He may be good... someday. The Ben/Pittsburgh story is special, it normally doesn't work that way.
19 years ago

Originally posted by Madhav Lakkapragada:
Originally posted by Ray Marsh

In fact Jalapenos are quite low on the scoville unit heat scale commonly used measure pepper potency. Still very tasty to be sure!

Man, that link even has Pepper Drinks.

- m[/QB]

Some folks passion for peppers is amazing. I like them, but not like some. There are books written on the subject. How to grow them, make them hotter, how to preserve them, cook with them, create alters for them, graven images... Well, maybe i exagerate a tiny bit.
19 years ago