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Recent posts by Gabriel Fox

Hello, i have a .bat file , runs an ant script for deployment of my application in an OC4J Application server.
I try to run another start up script code from the same bat file and i got the following:<br>
The name specified is not recognized as an
internal or external command, operable program or batch file.<br>
The second part of the script is:
cd C:\oc4j\j2ee\home
java -jar admin.jar ormi://localhost/ admin oc4jadmin -shutdown
Please, help !!!
18 years ago
Hello Guys,
I am having problems running my application via the Jbuilder in-built Tomcat. I have an XML parser jar file which contains class org.w3c.dom.Node
and when Jbuilder-Tomcat is run the Jar file (named parser.jar) get loaded as verified by my debug message.
I have even added the jar file to my classpath and path via control panel.
NOTE: Jar file resides in C:\<project-dir>\App-Root\Web-inf\lib\parser.jar.
And JBuilder 7 is configured to deploy the pplication from that location.
Please, help....
But, i keep getting the error below after logging into the application.
root cause
java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/w3c/dom/Node
at org.apache.jasper.compiler.TldLocationsCache.processWebDotXml(
at org.apache.jasper.compiler.TldLocationsCache.init(
at org.apache.jasper.compiler.TldLocationsCache.getLocation(
Hi all,
I have a search screen, which searches using firstname and lastname.
It goes over to the server to run a query using either input.
But, for a name like : O'neil (i.e. with single quote), my application
falls over.
Please, how do i escape single quote in a java.lang.String ....
Code will also be appreciated
[ November 11, 2003: Message edited by: Gabriel Fox ]
18 years ago
Hello, i have 1 cd rom drive, 1 cd rewriter, 2 hard drives (one for ME and the other for Win 2000). I have 2 ide cables with 3 connections each.
But , i just cannot get my head round the connection,especially the master-slave and how to use the right slots.
Please,i need a guide line and possibly a good reference.
System was working fine before i bought my cd rewriter and i was trying to plug it in.
18 years ago
Hello, i built a web site, with a navigation frame with some buttons.
Each buttons opens a frame on the right using :
<A class="contact" href="contactView.html" target="homePage">Contact</A></strong>
How do i make sure all users see the current version of each web page and not a browser cached version. Especially, after a page has been updated on the server.
Any code or reference will be appreciated.
I have Tomcat 4.1.27 and Apache 2.0installed and
working independently on a windows NTinstallation. I have followed
a web resources in attempt to install mod_jk
Success did not follow, but at least I am now getting error messages
in $CATALINA_HOME/logs/mod_jk.log
[Wed Oct 08 10:11:28 2003] [jk_connect.c (203)]: jk_open_socket, connect() failed errno = 61
[Wed Oct 08 10:11:28 2003] [jk_ajp_common.c (626)]: Error connecting to tomcat. Tomcat is probably not started or is listenning on the wrong port. Failed errno = 61
[Wed Oct 08 10:11:30 2003] [jk_connect.c (203)]: jk_open_socket, connect() failed errno = 61
[Wed Oct 08 10:11:30 2003] [jk_ajp_common.c (626)]: Error connecting to tomcat. Tomcat is probably not started or is listenning on the wrong port. Failed errno = 61
[Wed Oct 08 10:11:32 2003] [jk_connect.c (203)]: jk_open_socket, connect() failed errno = 61
[Wed Oct 08 10:11:32 2003] [jk_ajp_common.c (626)]: Error connecting to tomcat. Tomcat is probably not started or is listenning on the wrong port. Failed errno = 61
[Wed Oct 08 10:11:34 2003] [jk_connect.c (203)]: jk_open_socket, connect() failed errno = 61

Of course Tomcat is started - but if it's listening on the right ports
or not is not clear to me.
Please Help
18 years ago
Hello, i am having problems Linking Apache and Tomcat with mod_jk. i can only request for JSPs in Tomcat via Apache
using the localhost and not actual machine name, after finishing my set up, using Apache 2.0 and Tomcat 4.1.E.g. http://localhost:8088/webAppRoot/jsp/xyz.jsp, if i use the actual host name say
http://U608st23:8088/webAppRoot/jsp/xyz.jsp, it falls over.Where
webAppRoot/jsp/xyz.jsp resides on Tomcat.
But,http://U608st23:8088 works on Apache as a standalone , loading the Apache home page.
Note: Listen U608st23:8088 was added to the httpd.conf.
In my server.xml i had:
<Listener className="org.apache.ajp.tomcat4.config.ApacheConfig"
append="true" />
Immediately following the <Server port="8005" ...> tag near the top of the file.

Then in <Tomcat-Home> /conf/jk/ has the following lines:
worker.list=ajp13, ajp14
Please, help!!!
Note: I could request for all JSPs on Tomcat via Apache using localhost, but not actual machine name.
18 years ago
Hello guys, i have used Tomcat as a stand-alone and for a new project i need to configure Apache / Tomcat, where Apache acts as a proxy server.
I will like to fully know :
1.what are the responsibility of each web server in the set-up is the configuration done.
3.what version of Apache is compactible with Tomcat 4.1
All ideas and references will be appreciated. Cheers.
[ September 19, 2003: Message edited by: Gabriel Fox ]
18 years ago
Hello, i got this exception after running a query and populating JSP with result of query. The same screen works OK before. Are there practical/exact causes of this exception and definite ways of guiding against them. Because i am not flushing the output stream as far as i know.
All ideas are welcomed..........
java.lang.IllegalStateException: Response has already been committed
at com.evermind[Oracle9iAS ( Containers for J2EE].server.http.EvermindHttpServletResponse.sendError(
at com.evermind[Oracle9iAS ( Containers for J2EE].server.http.EvermindHttpServletResponse.sendError(
at com.evermind[Oracle9iAS ( Containers for J2EE].server.http.HttpApplication.serviceJSP(
18 years ago
Hello, i need to impllement a Collapsing and expanding rows
which could have more than one row with 2 columns ,1.checkbox 2. text field.
As i have not done this before any help/reference or code will be appreciated.
+Top Level Element_1
+Top Level Element_2
Hello guys,
I am populating my Hashtable using numeric key from 1 to X, due to an inconsistent sequence in number. I need to display the records in order on screen and this is not possible 'cos the hashtable randomly arranges it's elements. So, is there a way of arranging the objects in a hasttable using it's numeric keys. All ideas are welcomed.
18 years ago
My original image of Jpeg format does not show on my web page, but after converting it to a .Gif image(using an image format converter) it shows. What do U think is responsible for this. Cheers.
Sorry, that was a typo
url <img src="/images/xyz.jpg">.
The image was referenced correctly. i have other images in the same webpage being displayed with a similar path.
Hello guys, i have downloaded a xyz.jpg image from my digital camera unto my desktop computer.
But, the image has an extremely large size , 161kb
and again it does not show on my webpage (an html page), i am using the right url <img src="/">.
Please, what do U think the problem is.