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Recent posts by Alex O. Sul


Recently i was looking for a tool to make easily the deploy of bug fixes in production, and i have found the ClassGhost utility ( This tool injects classes in the production JVM. It looks pretty good, and does the work very well.

But, to do this job, the ClassGhost needs some parameters in the JVM. These parameters, in Tomcat, are related with the Debug mode (as you can see in this and this links).

My question is: what do you think about enable debug mode of Tomcat in production? Did you do something like this? Please, i want to listen your considerations.

7 years ago
You can use the Fat Jar Eclipse Plug-In (avaliable on this page) to generate an executable jar file and run your program with double click
9 years ago

I have a big problem with annotations. That's what happens:

That's the Animal class:

This class have an annotation named "MyAnnotation", and receive the value "it's a id"

And i have the follow class:

My question: is there a way to override the annotation of the field "id" of the superclass Animal in the class Dog?

Thanks in advance.

9 years ago