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Recent posts by Naveen Kuppili

Originally posted by oharis:
When I call this Session Bean from a standalone client java class
iam getting the TransactionRolledBack Exception in the client side ,but the database operation is not getting rolled back.

You need to get the connection from a datasource which supports your container configuration. For example on Weblogic, you need to create a "TX Datasource" (Transactional Datasource) and not a normal Datasource to support this sort of transactions.

Originally posted by Simon See:

However, What Together lack is change in requirement and tracebility from req to code.

What do you mean by lacking in requirements traceability? I think together works perfect for requirements traceability and you can trace right from use cases and domain models upto final implementation pretty well.
What 3rd party tools do you feel are better for requirements traceability?

Originally posted by Amit Lonkar:
My requirement is, I want to create multiple sheets in an Excel Workbook. Each sheet should contain date wise data.
Very URGENT!!!
Amit Lonkar

Check out POI from Apache. They have APIs to access and modify Excel documents.
[ May 13, 2002: Message edited by: Naveen Kuppili ]
22 years ago
Keep an icon image with the name favicon.ico in your document directory (in such a way so that it is accessible by typing the your "http://host:_port/favicon.ico"). Do a search on favicon.ico on google if you require more details.
[This message has been edited by Naveen Kuppili (edited December 03, 2001).]
Did anyone conduct any performance benchmarking on iAS6.0? How does its performance compare to that of Weblogic/Websphere?
Any links to such tests would also be very helpful.
22 years ago

Originally posted by raj sekhar:
J2EE connectors looks like is still emerging. Am not sure of its implementation details and not many appServers provide support for them currently. Any links appreciated.
Any other solutions?

True.. but right now almost all app servers provide some sort of proprietary API's analogous to J2EE connectors. For example iPlanet provides UIF to connect to enterprise systems. You can draft an architecture with a good design so that the portion that uses the connectors is properly abstracted out. Thus if the requirement arises in the future, you should be able to switch to J2EE connectors easily.
I think UIF is mature enough and I was told that it has been deployed in quite a few mission critical applications. You can get info about these on the iPlanet web site.. but I don't think they have much info about it (which is sooo typical of iPlanet.. ).
Other possibilities..
JMS (which I hate to recommend for any real time systems)
CORBA (quite a robust solution but requires significant effort both on the J2EE side and usually even on the enterprise systems side)
Socket communication (huge development effort and cannot guarantee the reliability/robustness of the app)
Integration servers (middleware products)
Products that abstract out the enterprise system as a web service (I think Microsoft has a product called BizTalk which does this).

What best suits you depends on your project requirements and your corporate's policies and vision. In short, only you should be able to judge what best fits you.
22 years ago

Originally posted by Greg Harris:
transformers step-up/down the voltage by using more/less coils of wire on one side than is on the other. this is usually a multiple like 1/2 1/4... so, if you have 220 into a 2/1 transformer, it will come out as 110.

That is true.. but why transmit at such odd numbers? Why not a nice round number? Why can't we have household voltages at 100V and high power transmissions at some 10^n? Any thoughts on this?
22 years ago
This is an interesting one.. took me some time to figure this out..
Answer: Each successive word has one letter more than the previous one .. right?
22 years ago

One more.. Can anyone evaluate the algebric expression (a-x) (b-x) (c-x).... (z-x) ???

Zero!! Since it contains (x-x) which is 0!!.. right ?
22 years ago

Originally posted by Pandian Lion:
Hi Everyone
Can anyone explain me how to store images in oracle 9i database!
Thx in advance!

You can use intermedia to do this. Check out the oracle's technet site for more information on how to do this. The other alternative would be to use BLOBs.
22 years ago

Originally posted by raj sekhar:
We need to get data(realtime) from the legacy(mainframe) DB and am pondering how to communicate to the legacy though there are numerous solutions like screen scraping,socket communication etc.. The mainframe group suggests the use of MQ which is readily available at their dispense. But we are not sure how exactly with the use of MQ we can get the REALTIME data using MQ and what needs on our side to acheive this.

In my opinion, for realtime applications it is preferrable to use something like J2EE connectors rather than MQ. MQ can be used for realtime situations by switching to synchronous messaging mode.. but this has a lot of overhead when compared to J2EE connectors and would slow down the application a lot.
22 years ago

Originally posted by sridhar satuloori:
If you want you can directly edit the <ias-install>/ias/registry/reg.dat file (on Solaris

Yes.. that is true.. but part of the registry information resides on the LDAP servers. Instead of modifying at multiple places I was wondering if there is a tool, atleast a third party tool, which does the required modifications to LDAP or the registry files transparent to the user.
22 years ago
If memory consumption is a major concern, set the -Xmx parameter in the jbuilder.config file to the required value.
However keep in mind that if you set this to a much lower value, it can affect performance adversely.
22 years ago
Does anyone of you know of a command tool which effectively does what kregedit does?
22 years ago
Actually since you are doing comparison studies.. you would be better off executing
time java ...
insetad of
time -p java ...
this would give you accuracy upto milli seconds.
22 years ago