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I have a similar problem and found a problem a couple of weblogic parameters being set to false. I made them true and was able to connect locally to my mbeans.

wls:/ !> ls()
-rw- CompatibilityMBeanServerEnabled true
-rw- DomainMBeanServerEnabled true
-rw- EditMBeanServerEnabled true
-rw- InvocationTimeoutSeconds 0
-rw- ManagementEJBEnabled true
-rw- Name
-rw- Notes null
-rw- PlatformMBeanServerEnabled false <-------------------- set to false
-rw- PlatformMBeanServerUsed false <-------------------- set to false
-rw- RuntimeMBeanServerEnabled true
-r-- Type JMX

-r-x freezeCurrentValue Void : String(attributeName)
-r-x isSet Boolean : String(propertyName)
-r-x restoreDefaultValue Void : String(attributeName)
-r-x unSet Void : String(propertyName)
9 years ago
This was finally resolved through the supervisor and sending an email to . The customer satisfaction team assisted the supervisor in resolving the issues.
Try checking (Sun's certification database).
You would first need to set your oracle classpath by running setWLSEnv.cmd located in ...\weblogic\server\bin\setWLSEnv.cmd
On March 4, we ordered the SUN certification package ( for the exam preparation, practice exams and test vouchers. So far, we have not received the test vouchers. We have done repeated calls and numerous emails to SUN customer support (Terri) and they appear to be in disarray (perhaps, from the Oracle merger). We have worked with Terri (Sun customer support rep) for over two weeks and she would rather cancel the order than research/discover and correct the problem. We have received duplicate CDs but still no vouchers. Today, it was escalated to the supervisor so hoping for better service.
Thank you both for replying back. Its clarified the issue.

I can return a Java Object in an XML payload using either RPC or Document Style.

I just got confused thinking their was a Procedure-Style concept that was different.
I didn't get the java objects back with the web service defined as:

style = Style.RPC
use = Use.Literal
ParameterStyle = ParameterStyle.WRAPPED

Perhaps, its the Use.Encoded that returns the java objects described in Procedure-Style.
Thanks for the quick response.

I'm referring to the Procedure-style referenced in section 12.1 (Procedure or Document Style) of your SCDJWS study notes.

It talks about the reasons to use Procedure-style and Document-style web services.

How would I select one style over the other using annotations?


I think that I understand document/rpc style web services.

Now, I came across procedure-style web services that return java objects.

How would I make a document/rpc web service procedure-style using annotations?

Am I mixing different concepts?